Prosser measured the following questions by giving students surveys on personality and character traits; the first question was what are the social and cultural backgrounds of the children in the two groups? In , upon obtaining her Master’s degree, Prosser became a faculty member of Tillotson College in Austin. She spent the majority of this time as a faculty member of Anderson High School where she taught English and coached a girls team for spelling competitions. The effects are even more detrimental with the standards of living as it applies to socioeconomic status. The award of a General Education Board Fellowship in provided her with the financial assistance to pursue further graduate studies in educational psychology at the University of Cincinnati. Her father, Samuel Andrew Beverly, worked as a waiter and her mother, Veola Hamilton, worked as a homemaker. In addition, Prosser served as principal of the Tougaloo High School.

She was born the first daughter out of 11 children in south Texas around December her exact birthday is unknown. Supreme Court ruling of , which argues that segregated schools were inherently unequal, thereby mandating integration in the nations public schools. The journey of African-Americans on th path toward the doctoral degree: Lastly, to what degree is aggressiveness and submission fostered in the two groups ? In , one year after receiving her doctorate, Prosser was killed in an automobile collision near Shreveport, Louisiana. Ball , Jennifer L. In , she was killed in an automobile accident near Shreveport, Louisiana.

Citations Publications citing this paper. She returned to Yoakum and taught for a short time at their segregated schools.

This week we highlight higher education pioneer, Inez Beverly Prosser. She excelled in school from an early age, graduating valedictorian of Yoakum Colored School in Figures and Topics from this paper. Prosser, Inez Beverly Material Types: She even encouraged her own siblings in their education, with all prossr of them graduating from high school and six earning college degrees.


Board of Education U. May 9, Sara Maldonado.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

InProsser earned her Ph. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences41 1 She wrote seven articles beginning in for the Mississippi Educational Journal on teaching English skills.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

The reliability of test scores. Lastly, to what degree is aggressiveness and submission fostered in the two groups ?

Inez Beverly Prosser and the education of African Americans.

Her dissertation, completed inexamined personality differences in black children attending either voluntarily segregated or integrated schools and concluded that black children were better served in segregated schools.

During this period, Prosser met and married Allen Rufus Prosser, who worked as an elevator operator at a department store in Austin. After graduation from Prairie View she taught for a brief period in the Yoakum Colored Schools before accepting a teaching position in Austin, Texas. The inscription on her tombstone at the Southern Memorial Park cemetery in San Antonio echoes the loss of a promising future that her death represented: Clark’s Context and Mine: Germain RutherfordJacy L Young At Tillotson, she not only displayed her teaching and leadership skills but truly dedicated herself to the educational and psychological development of Black students.

Prosser was thrown through the windshield and was taken to Tri-State Sanitarium in Shreveport, Louisiana to treat her injuries.


inez beverly prosser dissertation

These tests included true-false, multiple choice, completion, and matching-type questions. The race, ethnicity, and gender issues at the University of Colorado: According insz the application, her interest was in research that would further the advancement of teaching at the elementary and high school levels. Her thesis project, titled “The Comparative Reliability of Objective Tests in English Grammar,” examined the reliability of four different English grammar tests that Prosser created herself.

Kids from integrated schools reported greater social maladjustment, insecurity and dissatisfaction with their teacher and family relationships. America’s first black female psychologist.

Inez Beverly Prosser – Psychology’s Feminist Voices

Although Prosser and Crowley both asked about the differences between the segregated and integrated schools, Prosser focused on non-academic variables. The two were married in University of Tennessee Press. Crowley, who was the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Hamilton County in Ohio, helped Prosser obtain permissions at various schools to conduct her research. The family moved several times when the children were young, first in to Yoakum in the south of Texas and then in to Corpus Christi, along the Gulf Coast.

Her career took an important turn when she applied for and was awarded aid from the General Education Board established by John D. BallJennifer L.