Mine was about the way Kenpo has made my life more balanced and centered. I was told we had to create 10 new techniques that, I think, had to be part of the thesis. As I take the next steps in my martial arts journey, it is this same eager sense of protection that drives me forward. Share This Page Tweet. Originally Posted by Rob Broad.

Three- Slight release 5. I don’t wear a black belt though. A minor move in Kenpo fills the gap for preparation. However, my desire to learn and to preserve my gorgeous features soon had me up to speed, and now I love stickwork, especially full contact sparring. Share This Page Tweet. He always was polite, quiet, respectful, and kind.

In addition, I will be comparing Kenpo to sound that was intended for aesthetic use only. Apr 16, It is about the first 10 weeks in kenpo, and what one should expect in Kenpo and our School.

kenpo karate thesis

All items are copyrighted by the author. Focus American Kenpo Karate, like other martial arts, reinforces the notion that it is important to focus what is in front of you. Four- Greater tension 4. Kenoo creates an effective connectivity to the movements that they would be useless without.

Stewart and we hope you find her thesis as inspirational as we did. Parker, even to this day, through the creation of new forms karatf sets by Black Belt canidates all over the world.


The KenpoNet Black Belt Thesis Library

A kiai is more than just a sound made when we strike. By injuring yourself during the kick you could be setting yourself up for disaster for the rest of your fight. Another way to ensure balance is to breakdown the kick into four parts. It is human nature and instinct to protect yourself and your family. Therefore, when comparing Kenpo intent and its resulting affect to musical intent and resulting affect, the choices of music that would be suitable analogs are limited to those affects usually present or perceived to be present in Kenpo movements.

The weapon for a side and back kick is the heel of the foot.

Alpha Martial Arts | Black Belt Thesis: Joe McCarthy

Whether it be a linear or a circular rhythm, timing can make or break your efforts to play good music thessi move good Kenpo.

The practice of music and the practice of martial arts require many of the same attributes in an individual. On a personal note, I believe this raw natural sense of protection is what hooked me onto studying Kenpo Karate.

In conclusion, music and marital arts, more specifically Kenpo, share many common elements. Keep in mind, I also wrote this quite a while back. The last seminar I assisted Jaybacca in I work some pants and a t-shirt. Through self analyzation and your quest for perfection, you will inevitably function independently. So naturally the seventh note tends to resolve up to the eighth.


Left outward chop, angle change 5. His constant belief in me and my abilities have been second to none. If we fail to recognize that there is always a bigger mountain behind the one we just climbed, karqte most certainly lose because of our arrogance.

kenpo karate thesis

I thought a collection of them would make an excellent resource and training tool. As a young adult, there were countless times that my father encouraged me to take lessons. Jan 21, Messages: Also, upon brainstorming methods of comparison, I realized how many ways I could compare and I was forced to choose from a large number of methods.

kenpo karate black belt thesis

To my brother, who trekked the path first. While this is a reasonable definition, it still does not answer the real question. Left palm karatr, forward bow 3.

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Black belt Thesis

I wrote my original Balck Belt thesis on Short Form 1. Information that can be submitted is the black belt thesis, and even a write-up of your black belt thesis form. I never imagined that it would be of help to anyone, and the fact that you used it to push through makes me overjoyed!