Toronto University of Toronto Press, , A number of archivists, librarians and scholars helped along the way. University of Toronto Press, ; John S. Still, it is possible to imagine that by simply framing their experiences in slightly different ways, they might have become credible refugees in the eyes of the state and the people who inhabited the humanitarian world. Penguin Books, , I talk a lot about refugeehood and migration because I really think there needs to be attention to the analytical spaces people were moving through and how the term refugee is used in different ways.

Robert Bothwell, Alliance and Illusion: By August , 3, of the 4, Chinese students in Canada at the time of the crackdown had been granted permanent residency in principle. In the spring of , there were over people in the Abbotsford camp and, while the crowded conditions caused some concern, newspaper reporters assured their readers that the camp was benign, designed purposefully to produce good Canadian citizens. See The Frightened Country Adelaide: Migration, Research and Documentation, ed.

This rich body of information has not survived the passage of time in any kind of accessible manner. Andre Deutsch, Chinese Migrants in the Cold War. The IMO excludes the Specialization by geographical area: Their generalized presence alone was a problem.

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With the formalization of refugee determination processes in Canada in the s, the state began to produce the kind disssertation documentation previously associated with Chinese migrants in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The question is, how many? What is absent is any sense of the Soproners themselves directing the discourse on their own refugee experiences.

Mistrusting Refugees Berkeley and LA: The possibility that this club was still dissertatikn interest to the RCMP, despite its size, exists.

laura madokoro dissertation

Steve Lee was unfailingly supportive as I worked my way through various incarnations of this project. Where there was silence, the dissretation impulse was also dulled.


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Nevertheless, they could only direct the discourse so far. He was commended by other student presidents in Canada. The new sanctuary movement is about religious and secular communities protecting peoples using the medieval language of sanctuary, although there is no legal framework.

University of Minnesota, The manner in which documentation about individual Chinese migrants has been acquired and preserved in the state archives speaks to this attendant normalization. Heuven Goedhart, language in which to lobby for refugee assistance, including the right to asylum and the right to citizenship even if the work of the UNHCR itself was never driven entirely by humanitarian issues.

Elusive Refuge

Second, I was perplexed by the date. Dissertafion international definition tells us in very narrow terms who the international community considers to be a refugee and sets out the responsibility of states to provide asylum on the basis of that definition. The work of these actors, particularly faith-based organizations with disseryation ties to Asia, has been neglected in the periodization of the postwar humanitarian impulse and definitions of humanitarianism that privilege the work of specifically- mandated institutions such as the Red Cross.

See Daniel Bays, ed. Tamara gave me much needed reassurance and inspired me with her own work as did Catherine, whose patience as I fumbled my way around the finer points of refugee law knew no bounds.

laura madokoro dissertation

Special kudos to Shauna Labman at UBC Law, with whom I have shared many fine coffees and even richer conversations about refugee issues and who graciously read some very painful early drafts. Introduction The title of this introduction comes from a comment made by a Canadian immigration official in the spring of Her interests span across a wide range of disciplines as a product of her diverse academic environment, including but not limited to: The students themselves had a variety of means of seeing themselves and the significance of their journey to Canada, but because their entire group was put through a ritualizing and, theoretically, normalizing process, what the Hungarian students experienced was a more extreme form of the ritual that has attended most other student refugees coming to Canada in the postwar period.


Lorenzo Veracini, Settler Colonialism: You can follow her on twitter via LauraMadokoro and keep an eye on the evolution of her current projects here.

Instead of casting dissertatiion migrants who had entered the country through fraudulent representations, the state introduced a Status Adjustment Program to normalize the status of all Chinese migrants.

In some ways, I am trying to account for the spaces and time in-between. The Soviet Union remained the primary target of Western energies in the Cold War and the propaganda value of refugees from the European bloc as opposed to the Asian bloc was assessed accordingly.

Building on the foundations laid by Michael Barnett, who traces the history of activist humanitarianism to the immediate postwar period,3 this chapter looks at how sustained interest in refugee issues after by the UNHCR and other NGOs in Asia led to conflicts with the government of Hong Kong over responsibility for refugee issues in the colony.

laura madokoro dissertation

MIT Press, The migrants I was researching were actually written out of the Convention.