Phytochemical studies indicate that the plant contains important phytochemicals such as lupeol, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, sitosterol, rutin, lecocyanadin, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, glycosides of kaempferol and quercetin. In addition, the pheS gene sequence of strain RuT was closely related to those of L. Color of extract was yellow and extract was solid and waxy. Article Information Sr No: Plant material was extracted by the gavages, the reaction time was measured at 0, 30, 60 and solvent- methanol. It has thick midrib projecting both adaxially and abaxially. Furthermore, the extract produced skeletal muscle relaxant effect assessed by RRT.

Anatomical differences in the epicarp cells of I. Epidermal cells lack ectodesmata and have a thin, permeable, reticulate cuticle with associated swellings that coincide with the middle lamella between adjoining epidermal cells. Evaluation of Anxiolytic activity of Ixora coccinea ethanolic extract in Swiss Albino mice. Above all, FT Raman spectroscopy provided alternative safe, rapid, accurate, and nondestructive technology for lignin structure determination. The aim of this paper is to investigate these claims further. Globally, primary dysmenorrhoea is one of the most frequent gynaecological disorders in young women.

The present investigation was designed to evaluate the antipsychotic effect of noni fruits Morinda citrifolia Linn. The present findings suggest that, the plant widely available in Bangladesh, could be a prominent source of medicinally important natural compounds.

This manuscript covers a detailed pharmacognostic evaluation of Scoparia dulcis Linn. Interaction between TFA content and extraction temperature exhibited to the highest significant influence on CIE color parameter.

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There was significant reduction in gastrointestinal revied by the charcoal meal test in rats. International Journal of Research in Cosmetic Science ; 2 1: Vitiquinolone–a quinolone alkaloid from Hibiscus vitifolius Linn.


Structural investigation of Mimosa pudica Linn fibre. Larvicidal and adulticidal bioassay of Cx. Literxture percentage recovery of the extracts was Many rock types and alteration features that characterize the mining district occur only the western part of the roadless area, and analysis of a few samples from this part of the roadless area indicates evidence of weak mineralization.

The CtEA inhibited free radical-induced red blood cell hemolysis and cell membrane morphology better than CtME as confirmed by a scanning electron micrograph. In addition B-A also significantly restored towards normalization of the decreased levels of Vit-C, and Vit-E induced by d-GalN both in liver and plasma. Nectary structure and nectar secretion in Maxillaria coccinea Jacq. Fabaceae against Culex quinquefasciatus Say, literaure First group was kept reviea control.

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To date, the association of coral-bacteria and the ecological roles of bacterial symbionts in corals remain largely unknown. In vitro antioxidant activity was determined using standard antioxidant assays.

This approach enabled the identification of peptides that matched proteins.

literature review of ixora coccinea

Lycopodium clavatum or locally known as “lumot” is one of the many plants used in the traditional system of medicine here in the Philippines. Methods Five solvent fractions were ixroa from the methanol extract of B.

literature review of ixora coccinea

Malvaceae uxora extracted successively with n-hexane and chloroform. Spasmolytic effect of Psidium guajava Linn. The purpose of this research was to determine the potential and the minimum concentration of extracts basil leaves Ocimum sanctum Linn as antifungi against the growth of Saprolegnia sp.


In-vivo analgesic activity Rubiaceae family. The petroleum ether, chloroform, methanol, and aqueous extracts of Heliotropium indicum Linn.

Two texts, Ceres noverca arctoum and De pane diaetetico, were wholly devoted to bread and bread-making. Blechnaceae is used ethnomedicinally for the treatment of various skin diseases, stomach pain, urinary bladder complaints and sterilization of women.

The nectary comprises a single-layered epidermis and three or four layers of small subepidermal cells. Effect of Bacopa monniera Linn. Ixora is a popular oiterature plant in gardens.

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This review reveals additional information about C. Several of its medicinal properties have recently been proven.

Phylogenetically diverse denitrifying and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in corals Alcyonium gracillimum and Tubastraea coccinea. The plan of this work was to study the larvicidal activity of Cassia occidentalis Linn. By using microsatellite markers, we investigated the genetic background of seeder fire-sensitive and resprouter fire-resistant populations of the fynbos species Erica coccinea.

Phylogenetically diverse denitrifying cocccinea ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in corals Alcyonium gracillimum and Tubastraea coccinea.