The mechanism of alloxan and streptozotocin action in B cells of the rat pancreas. In Nigeria, a mixture of fresh leaves of Morinda lucida , Momordica charantia , Vernonia amygdalina and Dalbergiella welwitschi are ground together into a fine paste before mixing it with native black soap for bathing a cure for DM The uses of medicinal plants have always been part of human culture. Structured questionnaires were used to explore the ethnobotanical practices amongst the traditional healers. After 30 minutes the colour of the picrate papers in each of the test tube were observed and recorded. The important role of histone deacetylases HDACs in the development of cancer has been demonstrated by various studies. Phytomedicine Feb 17;14

FR 2 Green 0. Epub Nov There is currently no cure for the disease. Beauv Annonaceae and stem bark of Morinda lucida Benth Rubiaceae were investigated in order to provide information on their safety as antimalarial plants. J Herb Pharmacother ;5 1: These observations suggest that the phytochemicals responsible for the antihyperglycaemic activity of ethanolic crude extract of Morinda leaf are mostly partitioned into chloroform. Xanthine, Solanine is complicated with as many as 44 carbon atoms.

In this study, we investigated the morinxa and immunorestorative properties of the aqueous leaf extract of Morinda lucida AML in cultures of murine splenic lymphocytes and in cyclophosphamide-induced immunosupression models, respectively.

Oral treatment of normal rats with MLE fractions: New chemotherapy has been eagerly awaited due to severe side effects and the drug resistance issues plaguing current drugs. Pharmacologia Volume 4 5: This procedure was repeated three more times.


Epub Oct Generally, alkaloids are morimda or alkaline substances, i. Cultural categorization of febrile illnesses in correlation with herbal remedies used for treatment in Southwestern Nigeria.

Reversal of diabetic retinopathy in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats using traditional Indian anti-diabetic plant, Azadirachta indica L. Pak J Biol Sci Feb;14 3: Human African trypanosomiasis HATcommonly known as sleeping sickness has remained a serious health problem in many African countries with thousands of new infected cases annually.

Acute oral toxicity test was performed to determine the LD 50 ; sub-chronic toxicity study was then carried out by oral administration of different doses of the extract on daily basis to different groups of rats for 42 days. Nat Prod Commun Oct;6 Epub Jun 7. The solvent system norinda allowed to travel a predetermined distance of 8 cm from the origin. Introduction Plants litterature significant roles in the lives of both humans and animals; from providing basic luida such as food, shelter and clothing to being used as herbal medications.

Antihyperglycemic activity of Carulluma asttenuate.

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Detection of the extracted alkaloid was also carried norinda using diodal reagents. Cyclophosphamide is an anticancer and immunosuppressant drug that induces reactive oxygen species ROS production, so causing malondialdehyde MDA production, which is toxic to cells.

It is caused by over 20 different species of Leishmania and has affected over 14 million people worldwide. Two hundred miligram of the solvent fraction was placed lucidq each of 3 different test tubes labeled A, B and C, respectively. Your email address will not be published. Artemisin, a product from medicinal plant indigenous to China, based on active principle of Artemisia annua, has been introduced into the Nigerian market.


However, there are few reports on the toxicological properties of most medicinal plants especially, their mutagenicity and carcinogenicity. Alcoholic extracts of four tropical plants Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides, Newbouldia laevis, Morinda lucida and Carica papaya were screened in vitro for potential anti-parasitic effects against eggs, infective larvae and adult Haemonchus litrrature.

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Fifty-six mice were randomly divided into seven groups. Ibadan University Press, Ibadan, Nigeria. ML 1molucidin 2and ML-F52 3which are responsible for anti-trypanosomal and anti-leishmanial activities of Morinda lucida Bentham leaves. The simple quantitative analysis of the extract was based on the intensity of the colour change.

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The crude extract was dissolved in ml of dichloromethane and this was put in a separatory funnel and extracted with equal volume of distilled water. Result for methanol extract with 1m hydrochloric acid extract.

literature review on morinda lucida

Anti-malarial synergy of secondary metabolites from Morinda lucida Benth. The methanol extracts of 20 plant samples from 11 plant families were subjected to the assay.

Attenuation of cyclophosphamide-induced neurotoxicity in rat by yellow dye extract from root of Brimstone tree Morinda lucida. Several herbal medicines are concomitantly used with conventional medicines with a resultant increase in the recognition of herb-drug interactions.