The discussions of the past few days have highlighted the Filipino penchant to deal inter-personally, collections of individuals, rather than institutionally, where respect is granted to institutions like elections. As to the operation, according to General Napenas, there was a three-day window available to them, supplied by the intelligence component of the planners, if I recall right…Jan. Robert alias , a survivor of the clash as interviewed by a reporter, told the reporters that one of his injured friend-comrade begged him not to leave him there. Being a foodie myself, I had fun and fill on the trip. Make your best choice. A long history of anarchy and disorder also predisposes us to like harsh leaders like Duterte — one must never forget that Marcos rode to power on a groundswell of dissatisfaction with the disorder that Filipino democracy became after the Americans left. I prefer to use the 70 billion put them down once and for all.

I guarantee that China has been emboldened by this national case of apoplexy and weakness in Philippine national discipline. This guy may be ruthless and roughneck, but he does have a certain down-to-earth realism that I happen to like — not living in a fantasy like many others. Who would replace him? Of my understanding of the events that occurred and from various versions about the incident, there was no one claiming that the President has nothing to do with the operation and therefore squeaky clean. The mission was successful but it had a very high price to pay. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Of course Aquino is not really a strong leader, he never was.

We follow the voice of authority — whether that voice is politician, pedagogue or priest.

Lessons from Mamasapano

The ambassador describes the event as a “very sad development for those of us who care to see peace in the Philippines. He was one of FBI’s most wanted terrorists. I am so disappointed at him.


mamasapano encounter essay

In our country, that consensus has NOT been reached. However, LRS came out and said that no such survey was ever commissioned source: It does not mitigate but exacerbate the problem. Retrieved March 13, I think poor Art got beat up about his grammar comment.

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Last time I heard about him was his trip here in Chicago to promote his book. The first two scare me for their volatility and erratic ways. I still miss a really professional, comprehensive and well-researched report on Mamasapano with timelines, maps and profiles of all key players, as objective as possible.

mamasapano encounter essay

Shit flows downhill, ever since the beginning that was the ways. Remember that there had not been any clashes with the MILF for the past 3 years or so that the peace talks had been on going.

Mamasapano clash

You are commenting using your Twitter account. But then, on reflection, that is not true, because the Catholic her can occasionally be seen, when under the weather, with a spent bullet casing tied around her neck or waist warding off the spirits of sickness. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But PinoyInEurope above explains it very well.

As if Ramos never made command decisions. The SAF troops raided the hut where they believed Marwan was located, and the man they believe to be Marwan engaged them in a firefight and was killed. His toughness is that of tongue, of subtle, restrained power.

Unfortunately for the CIA and the Americans they were fighting the wrong war in Vietnam of their own making. Like, Mitt Romney would just not look right here. Local police forces as well as the military personnel wore black armbands in sympathy with their fallen comrades. The main difference is that here the situation is somehow handled without over-dramatizing things, and there are institutions in place that are respected by people because they are the machinery that make life easier for everybody in the long run — and this is understood.


They want someone to say to say: There are many people that call the action a success because Marwan was almost certainly killed.

Lessons from Mamasapano | Inquirer Opinion

How brutal that is?! For the most part, Filipinos do not rely on themselves, do not think on their own. Ony forty-two of them, the two were buried earlier as per Muslims’ tradition. We are, therefore we must must push, throwing our grains of sand into the oceans of public opinion in hopes that an island will form.

Your insight cuts through the Gordian knot of faultfinding regarding this issue. If you go into someone elses turf, you have to be extra careful because they are always at an advantage knowing their own terrain. Let me put it here msmasapano that it does not get lost when I find something else to stick in the right column: They should show the sincerity and encohnter they are civilized enough to manage a government as part of the institution-The Republic of the Philippines.

My first inclination was to argue about that, but as I reflected on it, I do agree that there is missing some point of commonality among the diverse segments that make up the Philippines.