Doing your thesis outside the Netherlands It is possible for highly-motivated students that aim at high-quality projects to conduct their thesis outside the Netherlands, either at a company or in a university. Adding value to a Content Management System through domain-specific summary generation of news and reports. Students who intend to spend time abroad are welcome. The student has to start a new project from scratch. The learning outcomes for the student are the following: When the courses are successfully completed.

This phase concerns the actual execution of the research according to the approach defined in Phase 1. Students who intend to spend time abroad are welcome. The student is responsible for uploading the thesis to the thesis database of the university. The supervisor then selects a second supervisor within the university. The MBI programme is full-time. There is also a Google Calendar containing all colloquium-related events.

Students often perform these in collaboration with an external organisation, i. Set date for thdsis The literature review can be performed using any technique spanning mvi an enumeration of related work at the one extreme, and a systematic literature study at the other.

Exploring Big data opportunities for Online Customer Segmentation. Data quality in general practice: The same rules on the quality of the project and the availability of a first supervisor apply to projects abroad too. Understanding unstructured clinical data in hospitals before utilizing it.


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The lecturers attending the colloquium determine whether or not a presentation is sufficient. Be aware that if you want to graduate before September 1, the deadline for the student desk to register your grade is August Companies can propose ideas by contacting the graduation coordinator. A data sharing system architecture for scientific purposes for tgesis Dutch health care environment.

Within all Master’s programmes one or more research projects are mandatory.

By Topic – Dr. Marco Spruit

What is a bad time to apply for an internship? Missing data techniques in contract benchmarking. The Healthcare No-show Reduction Method.

Applied Data Science is a multidisciplinary profile for students who want to better understand and be able to apply Data Science methods, techniques, and processes to solve real-world problems in various application domains. Conduct sound scientific research according to a predefined plan, Mvi to the scientific body of knowledge, Critically review the research and its plan, Give a convincing presentation about the work, and Write a scientific report about the conducted research.

The deadline should be in line with the number of EC’s. The proposal contains at least the following elements: Schoote,Marijn van Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N. Mi let us know.

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When can a thesis be started? Dion Meijer GX Software.


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Deliver printed copies of the thesis to the supervisors: Reproducible research and interactive data mining in bioinformatics. For details, see the protocol delay at the end of this page. Ethical aspects of the research e.

At the start of the thesis: Towards an aligned organization on Information Security – Closing the gap between the actual level of information security and business information security requirements.

In addition, all students of the entire Graduate School of Natural Sciences must participate in the course Dilemmas of the Scientist 0. The dates are available here.

mbi uu thesis

The second presentation can be given only after the first supervisor has explicitly given the student permission to present, and if s he has approved the slides two days ahead of the colloquium.

The project supervisor is responsible for the thesis project and has to approve the internship. Knowledge discovery in high throughput screening: A profile is a coherent set of courses totaling 30 EC and can be chosen to expand the thematic range of your Master’s programme.

An assessment tool for establishing Infrastructure as a Service capability maturity.