The second conflict was the combat between John and Wayne. Reflections on Cultural Mixture. A limited time offer! Meanwhile, they witnessed the fight of the raccoons and the Nanabush. Now they talk about him. And the world moved on. On the other hand, the description of Christian love seems to be somewhat disingenuous.

Sammy Aandeg, who speaks Ojibway in iambic pentameter, claims that the Nanabush character introduced himself to him as John Matus, but he prefers to refer to him as Caliban befitting Shakespearian iambic pentameter. Although skipping classes was not a good example, he knew that finding his cousin is more important. Furthermore he appears to be immortal, having known Lillian when she was young and referring to much earlier eras of world history. With John, since nobody really knew his game, that was a strong possibility. Click here to sign up. John was white and he was different from everyone of them in the community.

The stage is thus set for high farce, if by that we understand that those plates must spill their heaping motoryccles all over this belatedly re-instated native land.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay

I mean who knew people would think they were important? Each had been born of a human mother, and had had a father with a less-than corporeal presence in their lives. Knopf, Pretty like a White Boy.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay

John was white and he was different from everyone of them in the community. John even wanted them to disappear, he burnt the forest and the creatures began to melt into the forest background. The clash with the raccoons shows the mysterious hidden relationship between them. The native community was more old fashioned and traditional, but the white community was more modern. Minnesota Historical Society Press, Canadian Plains Research Center,1.


The world is already infinitely more ridiculous than he could ever make it, as is abundantly evident in his decision to appear in the apparently universally appealing form of a white guy wrapped in loin-hugging leather. In sweetgrzss way is the figure we are invited to interpret as a reincarnation of Nanabush traditional?

You know, like Shakespeare. John, who is Nanabush, enters the Anishnawbe community as a representation of disorder and chaos. That kind of hurt.

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In what way do the many different names that the Nanabush figure adopts in his communication with other characters signal his reflection of different aspects of Canadian and North American diversity? Hey, wanna hear a good story? Canadian Plains Research Center, Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? John, the Nanabush igure, returns to the Otter lake Reserve in Ontario to meet the dying Lillian, with whom he had had a love affair many years ago when she was a girl.

Observations from a Blue-Eyed Ojibway, 3—8. Reflections on Cultural Mixture. But the ruptures and changes also concern the view that First Nations Canadians hold of themselves, and here I have to count on what Taylor as a Native writer says although he himself plays with the fact that his father was white so that—combining the words Ojibway and Cauca- sian into a new portmanteau word—he calls himself an Occasion if not even a special Occasion.


Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor

Help Center Find new research papers in: Observations from a Blue-Eyed Ojibway Penticton: Coexistence and diversity here are not necessarily upheld by force or law, but they are still generally accepted and perhaps even inspired by a Manitou playing his godgames with Native and White Canadians.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Nature John was in the forest having a talk with the sdeetgrass and giving them food. This conflict was the most incredible part of the novel, the writer portrayed every scene of their fight and it showed the courage and confidence of this character. No wonder Nanabush has his sseetgrass cut out for him.

It establishes parallels between the Native Nanabush igure represented by the character John and Jesus, the son of the Christian God, who comes to earth as a human being. Views on Canadian Literature and History.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay

Trickster, Jim Logan and the Classical Canon. As for his identity in the human world, the Nanabush figure is as hard to pin down as is the colour of his eyes, which varies from blue to green to hazel. Theytus Books,8.