Jul 08, Brian rated it really liked it. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: For instance, it was repeatedly stressed that Lilian was lucky to have only stayed at one for a couple of years, and I felt frustrated because I didn’t know enough to understand the observation. The writing in Motorcycles and Sweetgrass is extraordinary, in that it flows effortlessly, incorporates all the elements of good story-telling, and weaves in a great deal of information on First Nations experience over the past years, as well as a great deal of First Nations life today, good and bad. In this book, those horrible things are definitely alluded to and impact upon the characters, especially the This title was our library book club selection in honour of national Aboriginal month. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However, I really liked that she did drop everything when John asked her, and I really really liked when she dropped John after the media scrum.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I highly recommend this book to anyone. Jan 12, Maryam rated it really liked it. Not a lot seems alive today to those old-fashioned Indians. Of course, John won the battle. Oddly enough, the thing his mother is most proud of is his ability to make spaghetti from scratch. Reflections on Cultural Mixture.

The bartender Karl was thinking “I left the Czech Republic for this?

This fall, a made-for-tv movie he wrote, based on his Governor General’s nominated play was nominated for three Gemini Awards, including Best Movie. This quote showed a theme of an interracial relationship.

But she had to leave her native reserve when she was forced to attend a residential school where she learned about the Christian religion without, however, forgetting her Native belief system.


I think this will be one of my favourites for the year. It is definitely a comedy book, and I enjoyed it very much. More of a 3. Meanwhile, they witnessed the fight of the raccoons and the Nanabush.

The best comedians hit the nail with swetegrass weakness and our idiosyncrasy, the silliness and the ugly truths estoy pensando aqui en el Coco Legrand.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

Crows never had much intestinal fortitude, the rider thought. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

In what way has it been adapted to contemporary society? There are magical things going on here, and the fun is in just letting go and enjoying the ride. I also would love to chat with this author on how much I loved his book and about his quirky sense of humor — you must read this just alone for the conversation between Jesus and Nanabush Trickster.

Motorcycles and Sweetgrass by Benjamin Bestvater on Prezi

Although I’m not a big fan of the humour genre, Motorcycles seemed especially well-crafted in terms of plot and punchline, exceptional in its imagination of a magically real Nanabush, sensitive to his entire cast of characters. He was worried about Dakota since John was a Nanabush, she might fall into trouble.

I was hoping there was more stuff to Abd past and what not, and I was hoping Sammy would esssy cured, but alas, it was not meant to be. May 12, Keandra rated it really liked it.

It is very Canadian: Tragedy is interwoven with humor in toipcs true-to-life way. The thing is, some parts felt too long the whole chapter dedicated to the stranger’s appearance, for instancesome parts were built up too much with not enough pay off the role of the raccoons, in this casewhile others were not touched on enough.


Drew Hayden Taylor is a most pleasant companion. He was not only a normal white man, but a man dancing in a strange style.

Essay Topics for “Motorcycles and Sweetgrass” and class notes

Douglas and McIntyre, A delightful tale that with keep you smiling from start to finish. You have to understand, your mother came from a time when people still believed in mystical and magical things.

Oh shoot, I can’t tell you that. Life on a contemporary First Nations reserve, the implications of residential schools, interactions with the various levels of government, the differing opinions within the reservation residents about how their future should look – Hayden Taylor covers a lot of ground in this book.

I’ll be reading it again later on. The author has never been nor probably ever will be in the employ of the In- dian Motorcycle Company. He was injured so seriously, the Nanabush even threw a raccoon towards his face. John was a symbol of the white man attacking the native community, it was hard to believe that a white man could have a close relationship with a native woman.

Reply to this comment. What a damn satisfying read!

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

Pretty good and would totally recommend.