After that, people said they have it three or four times a week. The requirements for the evidence can be found on your review guide. The quiz is twenty multiple choice questions. Use the vocabulary worksheets that were given to you in class. ELA- 5 book thoughts and 1 review are due tomorrow, Friday, March 29th. Question 25 and 26 are not in your packet.

This should be a well written paragraph in your science notebook. Please bring in an independent reading book to class tomorrow. Answer the follow questions in complete sentences: How long does it take to set up courses for each class you have? Quiz on Part 2 is Monday, March 4th. Complete sentences are needed. Answer the follow questions in complete sentences:.

Test on Part 1 of Home hoomework the Brave is tomorrow, February 5th. Extra forms can be found on google classroom. Your 5 book thoughts and 1 book review for quarter 3 are due Friday, March 29th.

8B Homework Assignments

What does Ganwar tell Kek about returning home and about belonging in America? Please make sure your draft is typed in Classroom. Chapter 4 Test Wed. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Complete sentences are needed. Homeworl access Google Classroom at home, you should log into your Google Account with school email lasid bps Students were given a Review sheet today in class and they will be reviewing all of next week. Use notes to help you and always show your work!

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In Schoology, you can give and grade assignments, keep track of student grades, etc. This should be a well written paragraph in your science notebook. You should be msma to finishing — or finished with — the 2 research pages given out in class. Use your textbook to complete. SS — No homework.

7A Social Studies-Mrs. O’Connell

The most people said that they do online homework once or twice a week. See assignment on google classroom blig be sure you have all required. Use the examples and your notes to help you! Pronoun quiz is tomorrow!

Monday, May 6, May Homework. Answer 1 question in the Zane pamphlet. ELA- Double sided sentence worksheet. Remember to use your textbook. Describe the sounds of the hurricane?


8B Homework Assignments

Label each example as conduction, convection or radiation. Please write a minimum of one page or for a total of minutes. Make sure your Russia papers are complete and in your binder. SS — Finish North America map practice sheet, if needed.

msms homework blog

After school help Wed until 2: SS — Tomorrow will be our last class period devoted to your travel project. Are there any changes you would make to Schoology? ELA- Read chapter 16 in Zane.

Draw a quick sketch of your visualization from this chapter. Answer questions in your HOTB packet. Remember mss define the themes at the top. SS — Label the Europe map passed out today.