More efficient to organize production and procure trim parts. Trimco will need to work with Navistar to create a program for product quality and control than develop a manual for process and development. Sales were normally predictable and stable, but the company has just come back from a three month layoff due to slow sales and they are now experiencing a sales increase three times greater than usual. Navistar case study ivey , review Rating: The shortage of parts and non compliance with delivery schedules did not allow plant assemblers to complete the interior of a truck.

A senior staff member has taken a phone call from one of the firm’s clients asking about why he has not yet received his tax return as promised. A recent merger of the customer engineering service operation with the dispensing equipment operation has the vice-president of technical service and application engineering looking at applying the lean principles on the equipment operations. A decision and action plan is needed. The note is intended to address the questions of how much to order the lot size issue and when to order the reorder point issue. This case is the first of a three part series that applies the principles and tools of total quality management in a Chinese setting. Product Design and Process Selection. A Quality Representative from each organization should be placed in the other company to check on conformity, quality and completion of kits.

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Eliminate double processes taking place both in Chatham plant and Trimco warehouse e. Naistar option being considered is moving from a process to a cellular layout.

navistar case study ivey

Third, was to improve system-wide inventory turn performance by re-examining the cut-off point for filling the technicians’ trunks with inventory. The staff should be tested during the first month to see that they are comfortable and understand all the requirements for Navistar.


There has navostar high turnover at Trimco and training employees has not been up to par.

He must analyze the three options to determine the benefits and trade-offs of each. In preparation for the meeting, the analyst wanted to explore opportunities in three specific areas.

The case introduces students to Kepner-Tregoe problem solving and offers an opportunity to compare and contrast this problem resolution methodology with Ishikawa or fishbone diagrams and other problem-solving techniques. Creating havistar time for Andy will allow him to focus on his core responsibilities and look to programs on continuous improvement.

Students are asked to devise better plans and to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative factors favouring them. The plant at Chatham should try and lean out duplicate processes and perhaps change the order in which the trim assembly took place. This opportunity promised nafistar offer cost savings to both Unicon and this customer, although questions remain about the broader implications stduy Unicon’s manufacturing operations and other customers.

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Carol Prahinski Product Number: Transportation and Warehousing Issues: Recent supply problems had threatened to close down the refrigerator assembly line and the purchasing officer’s task was to propose a workable and cost effective solution. Sufficient information is available to perform a quantitative analysis of the aggregate planning decision and its relationship to material requirements planning.

Unprofitability was unacceptable and Daikin was caught in a stagnant market in which it was increasingly difficult to build share by product differentiation. A buyer-scheduler for the company must forecast sales demand to determine production planning, inventory management and distribution for the year.

With summer season fast approaching, the managers and owners of Bala Bay Inn must evaluate the process and capacity of the restaurant cqse identify bottlenecks in the process to determine what can be done to accommodate the demand.

Case Solution for Navistar International

Caterpillar was expected to authorize test runs of two new products soon; however, the annual production volumes were very uncertain. In response to dog owner expectations for canine socialization and recreation, new offering being considered was the community playground.


His focus was very widespread and his day was drawn away from scheduled and unscheduled meetings; this position required long hours and weekend work.

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navistar case study ivey

Both moving and reorganizing have attractive benefits as well as significant risks and costs. The vice-president of Global Operations is pondering whether the timing and environment dtudy conducive for Acer, based in Taiwan, to commence full-scale manufacturing operations in the Chinese mainland.

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Navistar will set up KPI to the supplier to determine quality and performance and will be audited. E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management. Working with one another by sharing my resources will help both companies find solutions and work more efficiently By collaborating ideas and using cross-organizational teams, companies can increase efficiencies and reduce costs Creates a strong and long relationship Cons:.

Areas in navisgar such as production level, turnaround stydy, disruptions, and flexibility for change would be taken as key performance measurements. The modeling procedure uses an influence diagram as the basis for constructing the spreadsheet model, this spreadsheet model is available, product 7B05D Trimco will need to work tsudy Navistar to create a program for product quality and control than develop a manual for process and development.

The director of operations must decide whether to accept an offer from Mitsubishi to become the exclusive European manufacturer of a sport utility vehicle.