Thanks to Siddhartha Mitter for the writeup. Chapter Two — In Full! Much that emerged in that second piece shapes the…. When I drew up my syllabi this summer, I made a little drawing marked December 7th for the arrival of… Read More. Plus met a lot of new folks doing great work in comics along the way.

Tuesday, March 17, New Site! Chapter Two — In Full! This new home courtesy of the good folks at Loudbaby. I set myself a small goal of making a short piece inspired by something that occurred in the class or the reading. In the midst of a conversation in which Tim was taking me through his presentation on the five critical sense of engagement, i was struck by his use…. The slow but steady march to finish chapter three continues. Final Page and International Talks As we continue to get settled in Calgary, I ended up drawing one final page for my book Unflattening formerly-known-as-my-dissertation due out from Harvard University Press in March of

Your comment will be queued in Akismet! This second half of the chapter was all about how comics work — and in this metacommentary approach —… Read More. Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for you in a daily email. The Signal in Transition.

Chapter two is complete! Depending on where you read — their sight is ambiguous.

The subject of the show is studio practices, and so i focused on how ideas are generated, or born, in my notebook. Catch the second session tonight and be part of whatever… Read More. I had the cool opportunity to present on my work on three wall screens and a giant-sized screen on the floor.


Also, first up tonight, Mark Lerer will be talking on the history of comics fanzines. While with the exception of the cover, some additional title images, and cleanup, the drawing has aousanis done since i defended in the spring, circumstances… Read More.

Nick Sousanis (Columbia University)

It was a well run event all around and a healthy…. The chapter title takes its name from my article in the Journal of Visual Arts Research, and in…. It was a huge effort, despite being a short piece, as it wound through some highlights of the history of comics as a way… Read More.

nick sousanis dissertation

Sousanis believes that comics are powerful teaching tools [3] and has developed courses on comics at Teachers College and Parsons.

Connectedness in Joyce While I still have one more page to draw to finish Chapter two, I wanted to share sousxnis single page from the final sequence of the chapter.

nick sousanis dissertation

While all but the title page have been posted previously, this is a chance to read them… Read More. Lots of new reviews and other things as Unflattening is getting out into the world. Wanted to… Read More.

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Retrieved 28 March And perhaps by undertaking this tapestry of ideas in visual form, it allows that complexity to stay present. Plugging away at Chapter 5, addressing the imagination as way of seeing. Finished up a long first day of MoCCAfest — plenty of good conversations and interest in expanding what comics can do. Full citations to follow.


In my sketches, the sandals…. Writer Sydni Dunn provided an indepth look into some of the backstory of how this came to be and its significance… Read More.

nick sousanis dissertation

We trimmed text throughout to tighten it up and keep a consistency of…. This time out, I share some work from my comics as a way of thinking course, which just wrapped. Welcome to my new site.

Nick Sousanis

Very cool — grateful to all sousnais the support. Dissertatio can see a google translate attempt here. This week sees the release of the collection of nearly all my comics over the last several years! Mostly just a test of the tools, with the hopes of speeding up some elements of the process and making my lettering legible! To support Open Culture’s continued operation, please consider making a donation. Comments 0 Be the first to comment. Grateful for my… Read More. Cover, Reframing Inquiry About a month to go to the release of Unflattening!