Globalisation and migration What you need to know: Task – Using all the resources here and the task sheet to the left, plan, stage and direct your video to show the issues involved in NIDL of Nike products. Nike – TNC case study – fr. Nike Case Study Geography Gcse – casesolutions. For those in the know Markscheme will be added here shortly.

This has been done really well and raises a number of important questions. Nike as a TNC – case study Thank you to others for some of this work. Unsubscribe from Alana Wheat? The teacher should act as the talk show host and should use a pre-prepared markscheme to score effective arguements and particularly good retorts and questionning.

There geovraphy so many different case studies that I could have used so here is a brief look at one of the more popular ones.

nike tnc geography case study

The jobs that have been brought into China often provide a much better standard of living than other local jobs. Geopolitics of oceans 5.

nike tnc geography case study

TNC presentations 1. Make light of the fact that Nike are quite a young company but have developed very quickly in terms of NIDL. Nike has been working in China for over 30 years when they started to sub-contract production to overseas factories.


The key question is as follows: BBC Why did so many die?

TNC Case Study – Nike

On a single side of A4 draw a 3×3 grid 9 squares. Read the Forbes page on Nike, Insert a key fact or figure into each box. They could group together to protest about the conditions experienced in these factories or they could be won over by the Nike corporation who could use them to highlight how they are paid more than local industry workers, betters terms and conditions etc etc.

Patterns of resource consumption Changing patterns of energy consumption Conservation strategies.

Case Study 1 – Secondary Sector TNC – Nike – Netherhall School GCSE Geography Case Studies

Updated on January 4, Free knowledge, concepts and ideas about marketing management and marketing strategy. Slide 4 of 9 of Nike – TNC case study How it works 2. Urban environmental and social stresses 4.

nike tnc geography case study

Leisure at the local scale: Free Download Here – pdfsdocuments2. Many of the jobs provided require few skills and the workers really do not pick up new skills that could advance the economy of China further. Task 1 – Show the ‘History of Nike’ video above.


Global Development Game Guess the location. Globalisation case study – TNC When massive global TNCs like Nike find success in countries like China, this will encourage other companies to also come and set up factories in China.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Nike – Globalisation by mrgeography – Teaching Nike as a case Study. MNC’s – Nike and Tata steel, growth, location, advantages Causes of global climate change 2.

Nike a TNC case study by sam Messenger on Prezi

Measuring food stuxy health. Nike Case Study Geography Gcse – casesolutions. Put here purely to share with pupils. For those in the know Discuss the global image that Nike is portraying of their business. G11 Mock G12 Mock.

Lesson 4 – The presentation of ideas. Infrastructure that was set up to support Nike will also provide an advantage to other investors.