Many departments require an oral defense of the thesis. The guide or format followed must be specified in the acknowledgments, the preface, or the introduction, in that preferred order. An electronically submitted thesis plus two paper copies of the original Signature Approval Form must be received by the Office of Graduate Education and Research. The page on which the table or figure appears is numbered consecutively with the main text. Dalton, Ann Hanlon, Heather S. Howard University The Graduate School.

Use Times New Roman font, 12 pica, with double-spacing throughout your paper. Others will use them to provide supplemental material. Williams and Wilkins, most current edition. As a tax funded, public university Northern Michigan University NMU is committed to distributing scholarship produced under the auspices of the Office of Graduate Education and Research through an open access model. The Introduction is left-justified and double-spaced; paragraph divisions may be indicated by left-indention as in this example or by leaving two blank lines in the double-spaced text.

Title page Abstract page ii Table of contents Main text separated. Looking to submit your thesis online? Users accessing the internet through an LTE router are unable to download a campus restricted thesis.

nmu thesis guidelines

Before submitting, please read all relevant policies and submission guidelines. Vampires of Used Car Lots.

The submission gguidelines consists of the following steps:. Skip four lines and begin the material. The copyright statement is placed anywhere on its own page using the author s legal name and the date of acceptance of the thesis.


This handbook also assumes students have good command of the English language and that appropriate standards of usage are followed in the thesis text.

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It is your responsibility More information. Copyright Page Number this page with the Roman numeral ii. Application for Degree submitted to the Registrar s Office 2. Requirements for Preparing Your Work Term Report Work term reports are expected to be technical and analytical in nature and usually address substantial subjects such as: The citation and abstract will be available from the start, but the ability to download thesiz thesis is disabled until the embargo period has ended.

Correct choice between these listings depends on the student s overall format choice.

nmu thesis guidelines

Lance Humboldt, who first suggested and discussed the topic; the staff at Olson Library, especially Dr. American Chemical Society, most current edition. What guideliines an embargo or on-campus restriction? Tables and Figures number pages consecutively if used.

Submit to NMU Commons 2 Final electronic version of your thesis along with your reader s names and addresses.

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Use leading periods between the table title, and the page number. The Graduate School More information.


nmu thesis guidelines

Findings from a Survey of Academic Publishers. Master s Thesis and Project Formatting Guidelines.

Thesis Information

Matters of style are matters for you to decide, subject to certain minimum More information. Probabilities of Identifying Vampire Attacks by Region. Begin with Roman numerals starting at i.

The master s thesis consists of a personal and original manuscript More information. When to request an embargo or an on-campus restriction? This manual summarizes the relevant rules and regulations of graduate studies in Qatar University.

Skip four lines and begin the list of sources. The legends as they appear with the tables and figures must be identical with their listing in the preliminary pages. After consultation with the thesis readers and the incorporation of their suggestions, the student must then electronically submit the manuscript to the following website: Although a uthors retain copyright to their own thesis or dissertation, they grant The Commons and Proquest non-exclusive rights to publish this material.

The deadlines for scheduling the final oral examination, payment of fees and submission. When writing the thesis, students must follow the instructions thessis this guide, in addition to adhering to specific departmental requirements.