Entry format is given in the style manual used by the student. Theses should be written in point fonts. Follow the guidelines of the style manual used. A copy of your thesis will be archived in the More information. There may be times when a delay in publication or limiting open access for a thesis is required.

Candidates should follow this More information. When to request an embargo or an on-campus restriction? Otherwise, the subheading should begin on the next page. Common symbols, such as those in scientific notation, may be used. The manuscript More information. It is your responsibility. Dalton, Ann Hanlon, Heather S.

Place the title on the 4 th line. Paragraph divisions may be indicated by an initial left-indented line or by skipping thessi space between paragraphs.

nmu thesis guidelines

The Chicago manual of style: Number and Format of Required Copies Kimball, and Maura Ives. An embargoed thesis will only appear in Proquest after the embargo period ends.

Doucet Revised Spring This handbook is prepared for use by students preparing to More information. All footnotes must conform to margin and font requirements.

nmu thesis guidelines

The legends as they appear with the tables and figures must be identical with their listing in the preliminary pages. Any thesis writer not familiar with the problem of plagiarism and the penalties that follow from its use should consult the NMU Student Handbook. The on-line version of this form is not signed, but two original copies of the signature pages should be completed with the exception of the final signature line and submitted to the Office of Graduate Education and Research.


Gun used for Firing Graphite Bullets Looking to submit your thesis online? The page on which the table or figure appears is numbered consecutively with the main text. Cambridge University Press, most current edition. Captions are the descriptors of tables and figures and are generally one line of type. Text should be giudelines. Howard University The Graduate School.

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What is an embargo or on-campus restriction? This section includes all of the divisions and subdivisions in a format identical to that specified in the Table of Contents. All suggestions of plagiarism will be investigated, and, if guilty, students will be penalized. Non-exclusive rights mean authors are also able to publish their theses or dissertation in whole or in part.

Give every figure or table a number and a legend, a descriptive title that is generally one sentence of text.

The number and legend of a table are placed above the top line of the table. Matters of style are matters for you to decide, subject to certain minimum More information. Others will use them to provide supplemental material.


nmu thesis guidelines

Divisions and Subdivisions a. Legends and Numbers a. Candidates should follow this More information. Candidates should follow this.

Thesis Information

It is the thesis advisor s responsibility to determine whether these deviations are acceptable to the department and to the Office of Graduate Education and Research before signing the final Signature Approval Form. If a student does not understand how to format the thesis, that student should contact their thesis advisor for further assistance.

Modern Language Association of America, most current edition. Major divisions, such as chapters, should begin on a new page. Such reprints, if used, must constitute only a subsidiary part of the thesis.

The left margin should be 1. Skip four lines and begin the listings.