Regressive alterations of teeth. Newsletter Subscribe to receive promotions and information. Case history taking with recording of a. Shock – Pathogenesis of haemorrhagic, neurogenic, septic, cardiogenic shock – Circulatory disturbances, ischaemia hyperemia, venous congestion, edoema, infarction 4. Immunology — antigen antibody reaction, allergy, hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis, auto immunity, grafts, viral hepatitis, HIV infections and AIDS. The defaulting candidate is counselled by the guide and head of the department. Hormones and mechanism of action, regulation and disorders of secretion.

Age changes — clinical structure. It not only helps teachers to evaluate students but also students to evaluate themselves. Cysts and tumors of odontogenic origin. Osteology of skull, zygomatic bone, maxilla, mandible, frontal, temporal, occipital in detail including ossification. Diseases of the blood and blood forming organs. If However, the dissertation is rejected, the authorities shall give reasons thereof and suggestion for improvement of the same and the dissertation thus improved will have to be resubmitted to the examiners and accepted before appearing MDS examination.

It should aim at examining clinical skills and competence of undertaking independent work as a specialist. Lymphatic drainage of face, neck and oral cavity.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Medical emergencies in Dental Practice – malamed We provide crystal-clear services on consistent bases and aim at long-term cooperation with our didsertation. Endodontic surgeries, recent developments in technique and devices, endoosseous endodontic implants — biology of bone and wound healing. Histology of skin, oral mucosa, connective tissue, bone, cartilage cellular elements of blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, muscles, tongue, tooth and its surrounding structures.


Physiology of pain, sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system, pain pathways, physiology of pulpal pain, Odontogenic and non-odontogenic pain, pain disorders — typical and atypical. Indications and dissertatjon, diagnosis, procedures of periradicular surgery.

Dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Biopsy procedures for oral lesions. Obtain proper clinical history, methodological examination of the child patient, perform essential diagnostic procedures and interpret them, and arrive at a reasonable diagnosis and treat appropriately 2.

Endo-perio interrelationship, endo-perio lesions and management Durgs and chemicals used in Endodontics Endo emergencies and management. Oral manifestations of systemic diseases. Veneers — anterior teeth indirect method It is essential to monitor the learning progress of each nyruhs through continuous appraisal and regular assessment.

Patient care is to be delivered irrespective of social status, caste, creed or religion of the patient. Infection control procedures used in Endodontics aseptic techniques such as rubber dam, sterilization of instruments, etc. Viva-Voce Examination It shall aim at assessing the depth of knowledge, reasoning, confidence and oral communication skills. Paper I, II and III shall consist of two long questions ntruhd 20 marks each and 5 short essay questions each carrying 7 marks.

Opiod analgesics and antagonists.

Disseftation in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology: The dissertation should not be just a repetition of a previously undertaken study and should try to explore some new aspects. Preparation of ground and decalcified sections, tissue processing, sectioning and staining. The students undergoing PG courses shall be exposed to the following.



The PGs have to maintain a logbook individually according to the guidelines provided, for the work done on each day, evaluated and signed by a staff member. Guidepines can I do with my Bachelor of Creative Arts degree?

Fundamentals of Periodontics- Thomas G. Cephalograms — Cephalograms learning and analysis of children with normal occlusion and morphology at 3,7,11 and 14 years.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

III year Maxillofacial surgery, submission of dissertation in the first term, i. Study model preparation Benign tumors of oral cavity. PG Admissions Committee, Dr.

Basic methods – WHO Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics deals with prevention and treatment of the disease and injuries of the hard tissues, pulp of the tooth and associated periapical lesions. One Journal club per week to be conducted in the department. The dissertation shall be referred to the examiners and acceptance of it by the examiners shall be precondition and eligibility criteria for the candidate to appear written examination. Guidelines for writing the PG dissertation Dr.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines