Originally Posted by safia khan someone please share this year’s guesses from jwt magazine. Discuss any one of them. Illiteracy and lack of skills provide fertile ground to those who wish to recruit people for implementing their nefarious designs. Your email address will not be published. The time has come that India should act beyond its unacceptable status quo stance in Kashmir. Our involvement in the war against terrorism has brought us to a point where the fire of miseries and deprivations is being fuelled.

Shisham die back disease in Pakistan h. While especially for the youngsters, unemployment has made the matter worse. Along the spine, just before the working spaces, teams would pin-up their current work. Illustrate your answer with graph and table. Plz agr kise k pass indo pak jahangir son’s ka guess paper hai to please share karein. Monday, January 05,

Essay on Cleanliness in English Short Kitaab com pk. What is meant by civilization and culture? How it is affecting agriculture productivity in Pakistan?

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Furthermore, in proper government functioning, poor governance and lack of coordination and information-sharing between various government institutions is another major cause behind the escalating terrorist activities. Give suggestion to eradicate these menaces.

Civil-Military relations in Pakistan

Essay On Terrorism In Pakistan. Functions of kidneys, liver, brain, blood, human eye.


operation zarb e azb essay css forum

The challenge posed by globalization is greater than we had expected. Internet, social networking, cell phones, Information system. Differentiate between economic development and growth.

Soil texture and structure b. Shrewd diplomacy can help resolve even the biggest issues.

Essay on operation zarb e azb css forum

In 20th century, the emerging technology made it easier for the terrorists to commit most heinous terror acts. Daily chart Drone attacks and terrorism in PakistanDrone strikes cause or effect Lepninaoptom ru.

A flood of opportunities will flow toward youth and the whole scenario will be changed. Climate Change is a global phenomenon. These people become easy prey to those who are out to commit acts of terrorism.

operation zarb e azb essay css forum

In the essay, “Has the Pakistani woman got social and economic securities envisioned for her in Islam? CPEC and regional connectivity 8. The security situation has been improved qzb launch of operation, bomb blasts and suicide attacks are rarely seen, peace and stability restored. Not to talk of providing security to common people, our law-enforcing agencies LEAs have miserably failed to protect even the high-ups of the country.

Human development opertaion Pakistan Nazish Hina Senior Member.

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The phenomenon of terrorism has not come to fore overnight; it has taken decades to flourish and involves many factors. Injustice is one of the foremost factors that breed terrorism. Agriculture development is indispensable for industrial development in Pakistan.


Originally Posted by safia khan. Compare and contrast Monopoly and Perfect Competition on the basis of their assumptions.

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Give the causes of the problem of balance of payments and suggest measures to overcome them. Discuss in the light of Pak-Afghan relations. Also provide some sound recommendations to improve sustainability in watershed projects? Essay on the Terrorist Attack on Mumbai.

Discuss the importance of world conferences on the development of women in general and Pakistani women in particular. It is clear that India cannot maintain status quo in Kashmir indefinitely as it is untenable. Support your opinion with some factual information in this regard.