Academic Writing for Arts and Humanities description for web. They are required to submit a completed Progress Report Form to the College through the supervisor every semester. The candidates must submit two copies of their proposals to the College at least 2 weeks prior to the defense. Background of the study, problem statement, research questions, research objectives, scope of the study, and significance of the study. The footnotes should stand at the foot of relevant pages. In case of candidates required to redefend their proposals, they are given a maximum of 3 months to refine and to successfully redefend their research proposals.

The font should be smaller from the text font size Women should be limited by the research paper oyagsb. M Phil – the candidate be conferred a degree of a lower status vi. For two generations, the Cold War overshadowed national. Print text or figures only one side of each sheet. Payment of fees should be made at the Bursary before registration. University has the mechanism to verify the authenticity of the thesis.

A Short Guide for Writing a Thesis. The candidates must submit two copies oyzgsb their proposals to the College at least 2 weeks prior to the defense. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli — This should be consistent throughout the thesis and to be limited to 3 levels, if possible.

oyagsb thesis guideline

The committee comprises a chairperson and two reviewers appointed by the College. Students who have published. Pass – the candidate be awarded the relevant degree ii.

The acknowledgements should not exceed words. Candidates must submit two copies of their project paper by week 14 the latest.


Results of the viva voce are given immediately after the session ends. The numbering of footnotes should begin with 1 and theais within the chapter or appendix, and not throughout the whole text.

The significance of the findings and ojagsb theoretical, practical and policy implications should be highlighted. The committee comprises of a chairperson and at least one reviewer appointed by the College.

oyagsb thesis guideline

Academic Writing for Arts and Humanities description for web. Fail — the candidate has failed The candidate is advised to make corrections with guidance from the supervisor s based on comments and suggestions given during the viva session by the examiners.

This guideline will assist candidates to meet the format requirements set by the University.

thesis guideline oyagsb

If the table contains a citation, the source of the reference should be placed below the table. The title of a subdivision of a chapter or section should be in small letters, with the exception of the first letter of significant words.

The candidates are expected to guiveline ready for examination of their thesis in month Failure to do so would result in the candidates not being allowed to defend their research proposal. Results and discussions may be presented in more than one chapter depending on the nature of the research. Payment of fees should be made at the Bursary before registration.

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Thesis Guidelines – Universiti Utara Malaysia This guide has been prepared to help graduate students prepare their dissertation and thesis for acceptance oywgsb Awang. Results of the viva are given immediately after the viva session ends.


Consider multiple options, do preliminary testing, and then refine good ideas, eliminate. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Within 2 months, the candidates will be informed for the viva session oral examination for the theses defense.

When turning in your thesis, please make sure to include the following: For example, tables in Chapter 3 are numbered sequentially: It presents complete results and analyses of the study in the form of figures, tables or text so that the important information is highlighted. The examiner would provide written comments and recommend the status of the project paper. Bold print may be used for headings.

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The sequence is as listed below: Use numerals for series of figures e. Plagiarism is defined as the use of original work, of ideas or actual texts created by others, without acknowledging the original source.

oyagsb thesis guideline

The research proposal should be between 25, — 30, words and cover the following topics: A summary of the above procedures is presented in Figure 1: