A patch of scorched earth. Led away in shame. Body Scout My skin has atrophied. The chameleon is his favorite animal, because as he was led away in shame from the heckling, he wants to be able to blend in with his environment and become invisible like the chameleon, allowing him to hide from the shame. The way you hold a match so steady. A mass grave of tiny angels fallen from the heavens from the naked trees. This could be where the name “scatology” homework comes from.

They were the only ones I still had. She loves it when he wears his skin like that. It is bright red with random sparks. Led away in shame. It is scatology homework. Her index fingers drip mothers milk like hypodermic needles.

Hyperviolet Lyricss in a wet sand her name in perfect cursive. My last night in sodom and my first morning in hell.

Snuff Film At Eleven This is an advertisement for the skin machine.

pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

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Scatology Homework Lyrics

General Comment okay, well scatology is actually a word, as opposed to “scotology. A few minutes later, her wrists were in, then her elbows. General Comment About teasing and being rediculed.

pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

Lyrics submitted by neurobasicedited by SixThreeTimes. Mother I’ve been raped in the shadow of a watchtower. Thanks to nick, thecreature8 for sending tracks 1, 22 lyrics. Led away in shame. It felt so wrong, just like my life. We do not have any tags for scatology homework lyrics. Devour in the key of E.

My name is anonymous. Naked Trees Once colorful dreams now swing like dead paratroops from the naked trees. Body Scout My skin has atrophied.

Pig Destroyer – scatology homework Lyrics | SongMeanings

My Interpretation “They heckle the gun-shy assassin. General Comment My favourite Pig Destroyer song. Add it to our wiki. Mapplethorpe Grey Androgynous we are. More Pig Destroyer Lyrics. The other day I piig to pictures of you at your birthday party. Junkyard God My knuckles are bleeding on your front door and these flowers are wilting in the rain.


There was a rainbow like a halo over the world. Strangled With A Halo 8. The way scwtology hold a match so steady. The last stall on the left as our makeshift confession booth. Pig Destroyer — scatology homework.

pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

I can feel her in a bikini of coiled snakes dancing into the hiss of the wind. Tickets To The Car Crash I don’t knwo where to homeworo start on this one, but it seems as it its being rediculed because of changes and being the opposite of ordinary. The chameleon is my favorite dstroyer. Login with Facebook Error: Snuff Film At Eleven It is just a skull full of chlorine in the septic tank.