Page 7 of 7. Participants experience only one level of the independent variable in a n design. Question 0 out of 2. On this scale, 1 corresponded to very unhappy and 7 to very happy. Enter the data into a new SPSS data file. Answer the following questions:

Questions 1a-1g Fill in the highlighted blanks with the best word or words. Participants experience only one level of the independent variable in a n design. Park Place the first of the highest Manhattan stops and E St. What does this information tell us about the popularity of these candidates? Questions 1a-1b The final grades for students in a freshman seminar are shown in the left-hand column.

They represent the average weekly pay for wage and salary earners measured at 4 different quarters each year and broken down by gender.

psyc 354 homework 8

The arithmetic average of a set of numbers is the mean. What statistical test would this consumer use to determine whether the average burn time pstc light bulbs differs significantly from that advertised?

A n is a set of observations drawn from the larger group of interest. Question 34 Effect size assesses the degree to which two: Students with longer recess perhaps perform a better tasks in a classroom.

Skip to main content. Grouped Frequency Table Exam score Frequency 60—62 3 57—59 9 54—56 21 51—53 18 48—50 14 45—47 10 42—44 8 TOTAL 83 2 When constructing a histogram and labeling the x- and y-axes, the lowest number on each axis should ideally be …… 3 A frequency distribution that is bell-shaped, symmetrical, and unimodal is 4 A frequency distribution that has a tail trailing off to the right of the distribution is 5 A frequency distribution of ages of residents at a senior citizen home is clustered around 83 with a long tail to the left.


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Concepts Questions 1—3 These questions are based on the Nolan and Heinzen reading and end-of-chapter questions. Clearly the mean and the psyd are pretty close, we use the median when we have outliers that differ significantly from the rest scores, however, in this case we do not have scores that can be considered outliers.

psyc 354 homework 8

Log In Sign Up. Enter the data into a new SPSS data file. This distribution is 6 When a variable cannot take on values above a certain level, this is known as a n effect. Page 4 of 6 Answer: Compute this using a calculator: A variable that is manipulated to determine its effects on another variable is a n variable.

PSYC 354 Week 1 to 8 Complete Homework Solution

Cumulative Data provided below for Questions 1 and 2. Fill in the blank with the appropriate word or words. Page 5 of 6 Answer: Question Homfwork the following exercises: You want to compute a total score for each participant that represents the sum of items 1—8.

Estimate the probability of winning the grand prize.

She divides students into two groups: Standard Deviation -2 — correction from professor 4 What is the mathematical relationship between variance and standard deviation? If applicable, remember to show work in your homework document to receive partial credit.


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If converted into a histogram, what would the midpoints be? Page 3 of 6 Answer: Question 7 Recall the interactive graph homeork Homework 2 depicting household income and location in New York City.

Answer any written questions such as the text-based questions or the APA Participants section in the appropriate place within the same file. What does this level of variability tell us about the household income in this area of Manhattan?

psyc 354 homework 8

Question 2 a-d Hsee and Tang reported the results of a study in which college students completed a happiness scale from 1 to 7 one day in class. The personality inventory has 8 items, so the SPSS file has 8 variables representing each item item1, item2, etc.

Park Place the first of the highest Manhattan stops and E St. Identify each of the following for this study. Question 26 The larger the effect size, the: SPSS Data Entry and Analysis The steps will be the same as the pstc you have been practicing in Part I of the assignment; the only difference is that you are now responsible for creating the data file, as well.