Prepayment Voucher your school or institution may arrange. You can download EAS cover sheets below: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Groupings and Ranking 2. Account Applicant log in. Position and signature of your accountant, solicitor or tax agent.

Log in to Application Services to respond to your offer. Entry requirements – How it all works. Resubmit documents you provided to us in previous years, because we do not keep them. If you are eligible for the Financial Hardship category , you may also get financial assistance from institutions, such as scholarships or bursaries. Visit Key dates and fees for documentation due dates.

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We process your application for 16 institutions. You don’t have to be in Year 12 or currently studying to apply for EAS, but most EAS categories relate to circumstances that affected your most recent studies. Year 12 students applying for the Educational Disruption, Personal Illness clver Disability, or English Language Difficulty categories also need to have their school fill out a section of the cover sheet. If your documents are in a foreign language, you must submit copies of the document in the original language and a full, official translation into English.


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Make sure the copy you upload is clear, easy to read and no parts have been cut off in the uploading process. Weatherdon Fall of How to Apply to New Zealand New Zealand welcomes people from all cultures and countries around the world, although you will probably need a visa. You can apply or submit documents after the due date but your application may not be assessed in time.

Trades and traineeships Australian trade and traineeship completed prior to introduction of Australian Qualifications Framework AQF in Certificate showing trade or traineeship completion from the relevant government or issuing body.

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qtac cover letter

Semester 2 courses often have higher cut-offs ie are more difficult to get into. University Application System 3. In some instances, EAS can assist without supporting documentation.

Must be written on the official covver of your accountant, solicitor or tax agent. The Educational Access Scheme EAS can help you if you have experienced circumstances that negatively affected your most recent studies. You cannot change your preferences after the final date to change preferences for an offer round, for example.

Educational Access Scheme

Cut-offs can also change across semesters and between offer rounds for the same semester. Domestic Year 12 students. You can always change these later on. Certificate of Enlistment is not sufficient. Respond by the date specified.


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Talk to your school guidance counsellor about an estimate. For most categories, you must complete the relevant Educational Access Scheme cover sheet and attach supporting documentation. If you do not get an offer for semester 1, change your preferences for semester 2.

Required documents The documentation you need to provide depends on your qualifications. The document upload limit is 15MB. If you change your preferences and documentation is required then, we will contact you. Download the step-by-step guideDownload the step-by-step guide from our website.

Merchant marine Certificate of competency.

qtac cover letter

Some exceptions apply, especially if you don’t speak English at home. Complete the cover sheets and attach any supporting documentation outlined.

qtac cover letter

Fees vary between providers. Institution admission rules include English proficiency, minimum age, other. Previous cut-offs can be used as a guide only as to what future cut-offs may be.