Secondary data were gathered mainly from the syllabuses of all social work schools in Bangladesh. Competence Social workers practice within their areas of competence and develop their professional expertise. The steps so far taken towards indigenization of social work education are considered not sufficient, and it is expected that more steps will taken as quickly as possible in near future. One of the most important issues facing social work education in Indonesia today is as follows; how can students be taught social work in a way that is personally meaningful to them, directly related to the developmental functions of the country and its own cultural context? Korea Association of Social Workers.

In explaining the substance of courses they often use the examples or cases that are familiar in daily life of Indonesian society that can be easily understood by the students. In-depth interview technique was followed to discuss the matter with working faculty members, students, social work graduates engaged in GO and NGO activities, and retired social work educators. Most of the new courses, as the senior teachers feel, have been designed in such a way so that the students can understand the local situation; the very contexts constituted with deep-rooted socio-cultural background and learn as to how the knowledge and skills of social work can be made functional in a very particular socio-cultural milieu. Therefore, the curriculum of social work introduced in the beginning was definitely influenced by Western social work model which was later on found difficult to apply in the context of Bangladesh Das, The relationship between social work practice and knowledge has always been ambivalent, sometimes even dismissive. In this backdrop, the present research endeavor entitled Indigenization of Social Work Education in Bangladesh: Although the early development of the Social Service Department in the Colonial Office focused on labor conditions, it was the beginning of more systematic and formalized social services in Malaysia.

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This foundation philippies only adopted social service model, also development new social work practice model with child, youth disabled and elderly in disaster situation. The facilities like gsp and quota in readymade garment sector will be phased out. Local language in social work program is used considering understanding capability of the students about the applicability of social work knowledge and skills in the cultural contexts of the locality which may be described as an effort made to indigenize social work.


In the context of social work education and practice, indigenization means imparting and applying knowledge and skill in a transformed and modified manner from the western social work instead of replication of the same.

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These internee students make serious efforts to repair and renovate broken rural roads that hamper smooth communication with the help of community resources collected through voluntary contributions made by the people themselves. Concluding Remarks The social work education is being offered in Bangladesh by replicating Western as well as American for more than half a century. For example, Herath describes the Sri Lankan curriculum as: University Bangladesh Press Ltd.

Therefore, some students could not cope with social work education due to lack of motivation before admission; v Finally, the financial and other resource constraints such as education equipments, phiippines etc.

These skills are used in various steps, such as beginning, exploring, assessing, contracting, working and evaluating and ending, in practicing professional social work. International Handbook on social work Education, London: Nevertheless, at Bandung College of Social Welfare, the orientation toward macro practice is given the equal emphasis as micro practice. Therefore, most of the social work graduates are not eager to concentrate in practice and research properly.

We therefore ensure that we are up to date with the changing requirements of educational institutions with regard to different pieces of writing.

In addition, the curriculums are also being prepared on the basis of the nature of social problems and needs, availability of resources, and programs available to address these needs at both local and national levels for the deserving people of Thessis. Besides, due to absence of professional recognition, most of the social work learners prefer to view social work as a general discipline rather than a professional one that makes social work schools reluctant to indigenize the curriculums of the same with professional entity.

The focus of treatment and thesos is the soul.

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The first two elements adopt the United States model whereas the third element is the representation of Indonesian curriculum model was influenced by the Dutch education system. It has been conducted only on five schools of social work under five thesie universities, since social work program in five private universities has recently been introduced and therefore not being selected for the study.


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They impart basic and indigenous knowledge among the students to enhance their skills by means of theoretical materials, practicing such skills e. Social work education in university under ministry of education, college under ministry of social affair, and university under ministry of religion have different education program theiss, but content is similar in curriculum, field work, teaching material and other component.

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But it seems difficult to indigenize Western social work education in the context of Bangladesh. Issues in Social Work: Phiippines reports regarding the internationalization and the indigenization of social work education attempt to shape the contextual history of the field in Asia.

This project has significant meaning in the historical philipipnes of not only Asian social work education, but also for the creation of a third stage of social work.

In most of the social work schools social work program is by and large run in Bangla local language across the country.

Areas such as housing, relief for the destitute, youth services, thseis industries and prisons were also commissioned by the Social Welfare Department.

In the context of Indonesia, how social work educator and social worker doing and making way to develop and using local knowledge in teaching and also in practice.

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As for Sri Lanka, few textbooks are available that address philip;ines work concepts in a local context, or in the Sinhala or Tamil languages p. Another, the foundation creates the school-based disaster risk prevention manual for primary school student in the earthquake disaster area Asiana Foundation, On the other hand, due to absence of professional recognition, major portion of social work graduates are being sought employment in the different fields of job.

Theory and Analysis Prokashoni Taher, M. Socioeconomic Determinates of Dhaka: Spotcheck Penanganan Korban Tindak Kekerasan: The institution located at Tasikmalaya, about 90 km from Bandung; the philippinee city of West Java province. In feminist-oriented shelters, the emphasis is placed on the protection and freedom of individual victims.