This arrangement is memo- rable in early Philippine anuals chiefly for the flagrant abuses that appear to have characterized it. Thus when a flame catches a garment, fear and con- fusion propagate it more and more, and each shake, each blow, is a blast from the bellows to fan it into life. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Connect with him on Twitter evanader , or check out his profile. There was also another thing that I think the article was trying to tell. From July 6th, , 1 had absolutely no connection with poli- tics until July 1st of this year when, advised by Don Pio Valenzuela that an uprising was pro- posed, I counselled against it, trying to con- vince him with arguments. True it is that she has an excess of population, but Korea.

They can pursue their dreams without difficulty. The colonization by the Spaniards which started four centuries ago is now parallel to the colonization of foriegn minds of our own countrymen. Every facility afforded for commercial intercourse is a blow to the old system, and a great step made in the direction of broad and liberal reforms. These pacific struggles of ideas, besides being a thermometer for the government, have the advantage of being cheap and glorious, because the Spanish parliament especially abounds in oratoricaL paladins, in- vincible in debate. This kind of future is possible if our government will cooperate with the locals. Well, the future is now, and some of his predictions actually came true. The more foreign capital and foreign ideas and customs are in- troduced, increasing the prosperity, enlighten- ment, and self respect of the population, the more impatiently will the existing evils be endured.

They would be a few more favorable votes, and the government could laugh openly at the separatists, if any there be. Maria Bernadette Ghe One of the greatest things that Dr. China, for example, which has four hundred million inhabitants and a very ancient civili- zation, considers all Europeans ugly and calls them “fan-kwai,” or red devils. China will consider herself fortunate if she succeeds in keeping herself intact and is not dismembered or partitioned among the Euro- pean powers that are colonizing the continent of Asia.

But what if the movement springs from the people them- selves and bases its cause upon their woes? She is not going to sacri- fice her Indian Empire for the poor Philippine Islands — if slie had entertained such an inten- tion she would not have restored Manila inbut would have kept some point in the Philippines, whence she might gradually expand.


The Philippines a Century Hence Essay

What she needs to do is to change her colonial policies so that they are in keeping with the needs of the Philippine society and to the rising nationalism of the people. In proportion as they are bathed in blood and drenched in tears and gall, the colony, if it has any vitality, learns how to struggle and perfect itself in fighting, while the mother country, whose colonial life depends upon peace and the submission of the subjects, is constantly weakened, and, even though she make heroic efforts, as her number is less and she has only a fictitious existence, she finally perishes.

Jaylynne August 20, at 5: But the Panama Canal is not opened nor the territory of the States congested with inhabitants, and in case she should openly attempt it the European powers would not allow her to proceed, for they know very well that the appetite is sharpened by the first bites.

rizals essay the philippines a century hence

Then the end sought was revealed, it was taken for granted, the race was insulted, an eifort was made to deny it every virtue, every human char- acteristic, and there were even writers and pri- ests who pushed the movement still further by trying to deny to the natives of the country not only capacity for virtue but also even the ten- dency to vice.

What are the 2 kinds of revolutions and its results that rizal pointed out in this essay? We lost our identity that simply defines our uniqueness from others. The thing that makes the English most respected in their pos- sessions is their strict and speedy justice, so that the inhabitants repose entire confidence in the judges.

Otherwise, if an attempt is made to see in the Islands a lode to be exploited, a resource to satisfy ambitions, thus to relieve the sove- reign country of taxes, killing thegoosethatlays the golden eggs and shutting its ears to all cries of reason, then, however great may be the loyalty of the Filipinos, it will be impossible to hinder the operations of the inexorable laws of history.

Yet in spite of so many adverse circumstances the Spanish authority has been upheld for more than three centuries and, though it has been curtailed, still continues to rule the destinies of the Philippine group. He loves travelling, trying out different kinds of food and drooling over vintage items.

The struggle will be brief, for it will amount to a slavery much more cruel than death for the people and to a dishonorable loss of prestige for the dominator. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This work of Rizal forecast the future of the country within a hundred years by formulating on the present conditions and circumstances to arrive hdnce the concept of the future of the Philippines.


rizals essay the philippines a century hence

It may indeed be a suicidal attempt — but then, what? Therefore, we repeat, and we will ever repeat, while there is time, that it is better to keep pace with the desires of a people than to give way before them: Then began a new centhry for the Filipinos. And were we not convinced of the lif nesty and rec- titude of some governors, we would be tempted to say that all the partial reforms are only plasters and salves of a physician who, not knowing how to cure the cancer, and not daring to root it out, tries in this way to alleviate the patient’s sufferings or to temporize with the cowardice of the timid and ignorant.

When in Berlin, Doctor Rizal met Professor Jagor, and the distinguished geographer and his youthful but brilliant admirer became fast friends, often discussing how the progress of events was bringing true the fortune for the Philippines which the knowledge of its history and the acquaintance with its then condition pnilippines enabled the trained observer to foretell with that same certainty that the meteorologist foretells the morrow’s weather.

Likewise inadmissible is the objection offered by some regai’ding the imperfect culture oi the majority of the inhabitants. Neither would I have built my small hospital nor bought land nor invited my family to live with me.

The Life and Works of Rizal: The Philippines a Century Hence: Summary and Analysis

The same causes threaten ruin to the Philippines; but of the monopolies i have said enough. And further, of what use to the mother country would a poor and lean col ccentury be? This equally is of record. Fluffy Miks August 2, at 6: Remember me on this computer.

rizals essay the philippines a century hence

The priests of that epoch, wishing to establish their domination over the people, got in touch with it and made common cause with it against the oppressive encomenderos. One philkppines Rizal raises in this essay is whether or not Spain can indeed prevent the progress of the Philippines: Nor may it wssay said that we shall partake of the fate of the small American republics.

Why did they not communicate with me before? Then he was a doctor and artisan; next he was a great psychic, a seer, even a prophet!