The International Studies Thesis Defense: Once you have completed your research and documented your work in the thesis, you will present your work to your mentor and in some cases, a committee of faculty members in related disciplines. Course offerings vary each semester. Students in Fulbright College can pursue secondary education licensure in the following areas: Unless otherwise agreed with your thesis supervisor, your honors thesis should follow standard style and presentation.

Student scholarships, endowed chairs, professorships, and new program offerings are positioning us competitively on the national stage. Students transferring from other colleges at the University of Arkansas or from other institutions are expected to meet the same entrance standard. After majors and minors are listed, other programs of study, such as pre-professional programs are listed. Graduation with Distinction Students who have not completed a Fulbright college or departmental honors degree program but have otherwise demonstrated academic excellence in baccalaureate degree programs in the J. The thesis may be accorded up to six hours of credit. Students in Fulbright College may aspire to membership in the following organizations: Pre-medical students are encouraged to complete the requirements for the B.

Questions should be referred to the departmental chairperson. As part of these requirements the student must choose a major, but the choice of a major has no direct bearing upon admission to medical school and should reflect the particular interests of the student. Uniquely positioned by its close proximity to over Fortune companies that seniior established satellite operations in Northwest Arkansas to support the world’s largest retailer.

While you will choose your supervisor, departmental reader, and outside reader, the Fulbright Honors Program will choose the representative of the Honors Council. Gaining exemption by examination. Students must complete the stated requirements for a Fulbright College major in addition to all university requirements for graduation, including the University Core requirements. Sign up with our Executive Engagement Marketplace.


Instagram Twitter Facebook Tyesis Tube. The HCR will explain the scoring procedure for the salmon sheet, where committee members are asked to give a recommendation for the thesis and defense only.

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A living community for business students. You will thus want to make sure it is your highest quality work. Academic minors in approved degree programs are options available to students in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences.

All applicants for admission are required to take the Law School Admission Test.

Forms and Completing your Honors Project and Thesis

For more information about honors studies within Fulbright College, visit the web site at http: A world-class, interdisciplinary research facility for studying human behavior and decision making.

Few in 20th century America did more to advance the study of international relations or promote human understanding than J.

The Director may set expectations, guidelines, and deadlines, whereupon it becomes the responsibility of the student uzrk meet such requirements.

senior thesis uark

We develop outstanding students and faculty who meaningfully impact the global accounting community. Walton Honors Program For high-achieving students who exemplify academic excellence, extraordinary leadership potential, and a sense of civic duty to their community.

As a natural corollary of their instructional role, faculty members of the college pursue active research programs that enable them simultaneously to provide state-of-the-art education to their students and bring national and international recognition to the university.

Students who complete a minimum of 90 hours of work may qualify for the combined degree program provided that they complete the requirements for graduation in Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Toggle navigation Main Swnior. Students must demonstrate proficiency in a single modern or classical language other than English Intermediate II of a world language. The Lasting Impact of Your Gifts Student scholarships, endowed chairs, professorships, and new program offerings are positioning us competitively on the national stage.


Honors Thesis

Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace. Ultimately, of course, you should defer to your own thesis supervisor for advice on this matter. At least 4 hours must be chosen from biological and 4 hours from physical. Programs and facilities of particular interest to individuals may include the Honors Program, programs for advanced placement senio credit by examination, study abroad and the services of the University Career Development Center.

Minors seniot be chosen from the following fields:.

Completion of a minimum of 12 hours of courses numbered above taken in Fulbright College. Fulbright College social media feeds.

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Those unable to meet this standard will be expected to begin their collegiate world language study as soon as possible after matriculation. Students should review individual departmental requirements to verify if a higher percentage is required by their specific major or minor department. Select tnesis of the following from two different areas: The Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences provides an adviser for each student enrolled in the college.