CH grant has a running time of 2 to 4 years. For this reason, the SNSF is introducing new rules for extending the time windows in career funding. Increase your research experience through a stay abroad! Do I need to be registered as a doctoral student by the submission deadline of my Doc. Mobility or an Early Postdoc. Research findings funded with public money belong to the public.

The changes mainly concern doctoral students and other employees. Some host institutes, especially in the USA, also require minimum rates for their researchers, which may depend on the academic age after the PhD. In other words, it is better to plan a feasible dissertation project with an adequate funding period than an overambitious project with a funding period that is too short e. What duration can or should I choose when applying for a Doc. Contact Open Access to Publications E-mail oa snf. CH grant if you are a Swiss national. Details Tour of Swiss universities

Mobility fellowship if the planned stay at the partner university abroad is already being funded by a third party.

Other employees must make a specific contribution to föderung research project. Gender equality grant for young women researchers: Career funding schemes for period: In this context, it should nevertheless be noted that the expected extent of mobility represents an important evaluation criterion.

The videos of these presentations are now available in English, French and German on our Youtube channel. Disciplines dissertatino the HSS are acceptable as secondary disciplines. The Foundation Council is the highest authority and makes strategic decisions. Tour of Swiss universities HorizonteFrench title: The SNSF is further simplifying fördfrung access: As of 1 September or 1 March. However, a research stay at the same geographic location e. Careers Innovations in career funding Doc.


They can also be applied retrospectively to ongoing or approved grants. Either they publish their results in OA journals or OA books that are immediately freely accessible.

snf dissertation förderung

No, this is not possible. Details Funding despite career interruptions Mobility, a new scheme that will förderug the Advanced Postdoc. CH grant application, you need to request the entire duration first and second part of the grant pursuant to Article 2 of the Doc.

snf dissertation förderung

The grant consists of two parts: For example, some host institutions ask fellowship holders to contribute a sum of money towards the institution’s overhead. CH grant requesting funds for an interdisciplinary dissertation?


In order to finance her next research project, Professor Gerber wants to submit an application to the SNSF project funding scheme. The innovations will focus on earlier scientific independence for promising young researchers.

For this reason, it is not absolutely necessary to change any existing employment relationships. In addition, the SNSF supports international collaborations with disseetation programmes and collaborations [4] and it funds conferences and publications mainly dissertations and habilitations. Mandated by the Federal Council, NRPs generate scientific knowledge aimed at solving pressing problems.


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No, the fellowship rates defined by the SNSF are binding for the year of approval. Forms, regulations and guidelines Regulations Doc. Some host institutes, especially in France, demand that fellowship holders be officially employed at the institution and that the SNSF directly transfers the fellowship to the host institution. Mobility candidates must not have completed a research stay of more than three months in total at the partner university abroad within the framework of their doctorate.

The mobility fellowship must be started no later than twelve months after the date of the ruling.

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However, in response to a written request giving reasons, the eligibility period for the submission of an application may be extended see Clause 1. When will the interviews take place in the second phase of Doc.

snf dissertation förderung

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