Click to learn more https: Email required Address never made public. Be sure to include an explicitly stated thesis and to use descriptive details to convey your reactions to the event. Purpose and Audience What does Berne state or imply in her thesis? It was around noon when she got in line to purchase tickets, but she realized that the next viewing was at four in the afternoon.

Seeing the firefighters pull out bodies and clean up all the mess really gave onlookers a feeling of despair. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Berne writes “Ground Zero,” with the intention to give the reader the same feeling and emotion that she witnessed during her visit to the site where the World Trade Center once was. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ground Zero by Suzanne Berne. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here As I open the back door the first things I notice are a multitude of voices and the smell of good food. The house is dark except for a single light in the kitchen. As we begnes deeper into the pasture, I excitedly told papa that I could see the cows.

suzanne bernes essay ground zero

Free essay samples Essays Rhetorical Analysis. The space is filling back up, and hope exists in the vicinity.

Rhetorical Analysis

As the anchors discuss and the smoke rolls from the first tower, a second plane can be seen flying directly into the center of the South Tower. I pull into the long driveway and I am immediately greeted by suzannne reflections of several taillights. Once again in clips from newsrooms, there is a live aerial view of the burning towers.


suzanne bernes essay ground zero

The author uses her intense description to make the reader feel the same remorse and admiration as she did during her visit to Ground Zero. Berne also writes “great bowl of light,” “emptiness that seems weirdly spacious,” and “little cemetery,” to make the reader feel just how tragic this event was to the country. It is a clever way of having an early backdrop to a story, it is a choice many writers take in writing, to me this is nothing exceptional or out of the norm. The primary audience that Berne is trying to appeal to is tourists who are just seeing Ground Zero for the first time.

From the road, the house seems vacant; a stark contrast to the well-illuminated houses of the neighbors. This site uses cookies.

Ground Zero/Purpose & Audience

Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! My high beams are on so that I do not miss the secluded gravel driveway. The writer’s use of figurative language gives the reader an apprehensible idea of how she felt while experiencing this.

I have many similar memories of times spent driving out in the pasture with my papa and I hold each one close to my heart. As more people jump from the building, a clip shows a group of firemen watching what is happening.

Bernrs back on these memories, I think less of the cows, as my four year old self had done, and more of the time that I got to spend with my papa. Rhetorical Analysis over “ground Zero” by Suzanne Berne.

suzanne bernes essay ground zero

My papa worked long hours and always came home later in the evening but he always seemed to have time to spend with me. Berne writes “Ground Zero,” with the intention to give the reader the same feeling and emotion that she witnessed during her visit to the site where the World Trade Center once was. Notify me of new comments via email. In my opinion she make this esway she dose so that it grojnd more emotion.


The actual experience of seeing the site is different because it is post-trauma, after the event happened.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: Berne uses tone to show the reader how tragic and shocking the disaster was to people. What appears to be a construction site is really a place of a disaster, of the death of thousands.

These clips from the compilation videos evoke in me a sense bermes grief and also shock that such a thing could have happened on American soil. A limited time offer!

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In two compilations of clips from news broadcasts and other videos one can see many of the images from that September day. That day the speaker feels that something is missing, not just the buildings themselves, but the atmosphere around the site was absence and loss. The first compilation video begins with different clips of the second plane flying into the South tower. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.