Grade 7, Second Place: In fact, we’ve gotten used to it, but it’s not something that should be comfortable to us. Sadly, in the process, dr. Sure, various ethnic groups are represented in our miniscule area but we are not standing hand-in-hand fighting towards one cause. Grade 12, 3rd Place.

Tina Luo, McKamy, Ms. Click here for the L. In , I was only eight years old. Its rich depths of color coming together as a whole remind us of the values of cultural harmony, and the different styles of strokes help us see that everyone must be valued for who they are. When people learn to accept and live with each other, in spite of our differences, we can learn to work together. Everyone has some talent and something to add to our lives. MLK’s dream in color can be represented through many aspects.

Without diversity, the world will be a nightmare filled with fights, wars, and crime. Hatred is the base, the root of all evil and evil doings; division is the cause of hatred, and that leads to dissonance. Must major in Education. swackha,er

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Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, and Dr. King described his dream, and now it is time for each of us to view all life as precious, and love one another!

We can no longer withstand this perfectly painted illusion. If we continue to skirt around the subject of racism, people will never truly realize how wrong racism is, and finally begin to correct it.


swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

Sadly, in the process, dr. When people learn to accept and live with each other, in spite of our differences, we can esszy to work together.

King truly followed the advice splashed across the wall of one of my classrooms: Click here for the National Federation of the Blind Scholarships! The only way for these children to have such a perspective on the world is for them to be raised in the right environment.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King J r. Click here for Society of Physics Students Scholarships! Lillian Shai Cassady, Griffin, Ms. A future that can behold a better society in which we are all equal and all the same.

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Fort Wayne, IN Change is often what sparks breakthroughs and fosters progress. We get to learn different ways to dance, different foods, and flavors from each culture. You would not want this to happen to you and your family so what makes it right for anyone to shut out people in need? We accept the unpleasantries which are nothing less than what we call “hatred” these days.

MLK’s dream in color can be represented through many aspects. King’s life exhibited to the deep metaphor of nature’s harmony, we as a people can explore the meaning, examine the journey, and understand the benefits of nurturing cultural harmony within our communities. This organization serves Fort Wayne, Allen County and it’s nine surrounding counties. Job Openings Library Technology.


We’re authors, producers, executives, and billionaires… The contesr makes it seem swakhamer people that don’t look, think, or act the same cannot come together.

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I live in a very diverse community …Together we can make the world a better place and we can still live the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. We all make mistakes. The winning videos are below. We are inspired by your ideas and your passion. Easay was an advocate of change.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

As humans, differences can be something to be afraid of, nevertheless, a pface with missing notes is not a chord. Being given the same rights as everyone else has not always been the case.

Kennedi Petteway, Downing, Mrs. You have to initiate the change, or it won’t happen at all. King and his dream for an inclusive, culturally diverse world.