However, do not create new records that duplicate existing records only to reflect copy- or institution-specific information. Guidelines Theses submitted in hardcopy form as unpublished resources are described like all other unpublished resources, i. Such functionality allows one to locate information from the discrete issues with the content of the issues remaining intact. When adding information to an existing record, add a local note in field of the original item indicating the existence of a copy. For copies of theses and dissertations issued by a non-academic agency such as University Microfilms International, see also the policy on Facsimiles, Photocopies, and Other Reproductions 3.

A component part is a bibliographic unit that is physically contained in another bibliographic unit, referred to as the host item, in such a way that the host item must be identified to locate the component part e. Example of a single record for the tangible electronic resource with a reference to the online resource:. Dates Code for the original manifestation omitting dates related to publication of the resource online Form Code o for online resource Enter field coded for an electronic resource unless Type is coded m Enter field coded for a remote access computer file e. Please note that Ph. Element Guidelines for all integrating resources Type Code for the content and type of material e. Different manifestations of an online resource still need to be cataloged on separate bibliographic records e. The field is used to record the details of the thesis.

3.4.2 Descriptive Cataloging of Theses and Dissertations

For published theses, microform reproductions of published theses, online theses, and photocopies of published theses, code language material, notated music, and cartographic material with: Enter the series appropriate to the original resource if readily available and the online version was preceded by a physical format version.


Some records may have used a field transcribing exact wording from the title page — e. Use local fields, and for these kinds of access points.

Use field instead. They may also exist as microform, online, or photocopy reproductions. The first field should describe the version that is described in the physical description. If there is an existing record for a photcopy or POD reproduction that is not cataloged in accord with these provider-neutral instructions, you may revise the existing record to conform to this policy.

Theses submitted in hardcopy form as unpublished resources are described like all other unpublished resources, tnesis.

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Types of audio and video recordings There are generally three types of locally made recordings. Code microform reproduction fixed-field elements, except Formfor the original item described in the body of the entry, not for the reproduction, which you describe in field Code the fixed-field element Form for the type of reproduction described in field Example of published thesis: Use the authorized access point of the source item in field Government Publication Office cataloging practice The U.

First printed leaf present in Lilly Library copy begins: For tangible electronic resources, enter the carrier type for the tangible electronic resource e.

Online theses submitted in electronic form and reproductions of those originally submitted in hardcopy form are cataloged as original online publications according to provider-neutral cataloging guidelines.

Use this technique only when the contents of both the original resource and the photocopy or POD reproduction are identical. The guidelines below apply to all locally produced and reproduced media, including audio discs, audiotapes, electronic audio files, electronic video files, streaming audio files, streaming video files, videodiscs, videotapes, etc. Separate records are preferred for the tangible resource and the online resource.


Some serials in print format exist as integrating resources when issued online because they are continually or frequently updated and previous iterations no longer exist as discrete issues.

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For more information about cataloging microform reproductions, see section 3. These fields include,,,,rdw,and Enter the publication information appropriate to the original resource if readily available. The field is used to record the details of the thesis.

Use field to record that data if needed e. Code for the form of content of the resource. For theses, published or unpublished, other than language material, notated music, or cartographic material, code this element as defined in Type. Includes bibliographical references leaves In such cases, add a note concerning the nature of the resource e.

LC copy forms part of the Jefferson Exhibit Collection. Print-on-demand POD reproductions are print reproductions that are not printed until an order is received.

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Please be aware that older BYU records may have used different terminology, punctuation, spacing, and capitalization, as well as different tags ra convey information of this type. Generally, enter other details appropriate to the original resource if the online version was preceded by a physical format version.

thesis cataloging rda

Remotely accessed electronic resources that change frequently are currently excluded from serial treatment they should be cataloged as integrating resources or monographs, as appropriate: