Home Research Doctoral research Enrolment doctorate Ph. You don’t need to fill in everything, opening hours for example are optional. General information Doctoral research at Flemish universities usually takes a minimum of 4 years. The student is entitled to get the necessary supervision and guidance, by means of a number of counselling talks during which all aspects of the work can be discussed. A Master’s dissertation by two students with the same subject is possible under following conditions:. The oral defense takes place in the presence of the Exam Committee and the public.

The first page is in Dutch, the second page in English. Home Research Doctoral research Enrolment doctorate Ph. Check the deadlines Check the deadline to submit documents for the Faculty Board. Are you enrolled correctly? Problems concerning the availability of the student or concerning the availability of and the guidance by the tutor s or promoter s can be reported to the ombudsperson. Type in your details manually into the field. Counting from the day of the Faculty Board meeting , your PhD examination committee will have at least 30 days to evaluate your dissertation.

Watch online on Youtube Download in. Have a look at the room plan of room A0. You should be able to perform those changes within a reasonable amount of time: Certain doctoral students are required to successfully complete the doctoral training programme prior to the defense.

Your public defense — Faculty of Bioscience Engineering — Ghent University

Should this not be the case, you can collect the documents at the Registrar’s Office. For all the faculty sub-entities a colour accent is added to the profile picture. Each version is available in English or Dutch, in pixels not too heavy for internet of pixels for big or wide screen. Each doctoral student receives a copy of the reports of the exam committee members and receives a copy of the deliberation report, after this meeting. The financial system of the Registrar’s Office Oasis Fica sends an e-mail to your UGent e-mail address with an invoice for the tuition fee for the defense attached.


If a compulsory doctoral training programme was required at the start of your doctoral research, the Faculty Board will examine whether you have completed the programme successfully in a timely manner based on the advice of the Doctoral School.

Doctoral defense

The promoter coaches the student actively during these counselling talks, during which both the scientific aspects and the learning process can be discussed. The Faculty Student Administration keeps you thssis about what to do after the Internal defense.

Click on ‘Save’ and ‘Ok’. This consists of two parts:.

Master’s Dissertation

Download e-mail signature – Universiteit Gent Campus Kortrijk. There is a template for the central administration and a template for the 11 faculties.

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After the oral defense, in which you explained your defense and answered questions, the Exam Committee deliberates. The internal exam results in 3 possible outcomes: Grid and layout 7. One week before the internal defense, the Faculty Student Administration will send you the reports of the jury members.

A master dissertation includes mainly research; an internship is day-to-day work at a company. See the specific programme master dissertation guidelines. Fill out the submission form Fill out and sign the form for submitting a PhD dissertation This form also contains following information: The end point is marked by the public defense of your doctoral dissertation or doctoral exam.


This app was developed by the academic department of Geography. Digital Handy templates for your digital communication in the corporate design of Ghent University.

In this case, inform the Faculty Student Administration: Once you are admitted to the public defense, the Faculty Student Administration makes sure the date of your defense is published on the Ghent University websiteusually sooner than 60 days after the first meeting of the exam commission.

For your public defense, you will need to print public hard copies of your dissertation to hand out to the Faculty Student Administration, the exam committee and the audience. The master dissertation and the internship need to be strictly separated in time and subject. Reserve gowns for the jury members Contact Hilde.

For more programme specific information of the master dissertation: Submitting your doctoral dissertation to your Faculty The timing and the procedure for submitting your dissertation can differ from Faculty to Faculty, please check the Faculty’s website for this.

Doctoral defense — Ghent University

If applicable, the Exam Committee also declares you have successfully completed the doctoral training programme. Open the existing presentation. See also digital theesis in Word and PowerPoint to print.

thesis fbw ugent

The doctoral diploma and possibly the certificate of the doctoral training programme can be delivered after receipt of internal order form.