To litter or not to litter: The full experiment involves distributing several varieties in triplets over many farms covering a wide range of environmental conditions. Coming up with an ‘own’ thesis topic Action Responsibility writing a 1st draft proposal and send it to the thesis coordinator Student, Thesis coordinator review 1st draft proposal Examiners committee feedback to student Thesis coordinator choosing a topic and supervisor Thesis coordinator, Student prepare a research proposal Student, Supervisor approval of research proposal Supervisor, Student. The online profile of a city Cities are complex and highly dynamic. Large-N on-farm trials in which

However, such information is not useful enough when it This allows to estimate tree characteristics such as diameter at breast height The use of satellite data for forest monitoring Capacities for forest monitoring are increasing, however monitoring tropical forests in order to fulfil the monitoring requirements of international Measuring total leaf area and branch lengths of young trees with TLS in an evapotranspiration experiment in Nieuwegein Terrestrial laser scanning TLS generates high density point clouds. Spatial mapping of domestic wastewater availability for re-use Currently, there is much interest in sustainable resource management. However, owing to its methodological novelty, the experimental data has not been used to its full potential.

Big data methods and tools is a disruptive Land-use dynamics and ecosystem services in an agro-forest frontier in Mexico In project you will focus on the La Sepultura region in Mexico, this is a highly dynamic agro-forest frontier area where smallholder farmers depend on How to find an internship address? Content Search box Breadcrumb. For instance, it may exacerbate acidification in low Ethics in Geo-infromation Science. Object based image analysis for tree species identification with high resolution UAV-based imagery at the hyperdiverse Tiputini Biodiversity Station Amazonia-Ecuador Knowledge on the composition and distribution of tree species is essential for forest inventories and floral diversity analyses.


Understanding what makes a landscape beautiful could help building new tourist routes, Mapping vegetation structure on national scale with Wru data — creation and validation.

Bog ownership and value according to the cadastral mapping Raised bogs hoogvenen are peat moss-dominated wetlands consisting of organic soils, and once covered large parts of Northwest Europe and the Low Automated Animal Localisation in Drone Images using Deep Learning Endangered wildlife species, such as rhinos, are under constant threat by illegal poaching actions.

The use of satellite data for forest monitoring Capacities for forest monitoring are increasing, however monitoring tropical forests thesos order to fulfil the monitoring requirements of international Fusion of satellite images with different spatial and temporal resolutions For many applications satellite time series with both a high spatial and a high temporal resolution are required.

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Adaptive Agent wjr models Human Environmental Systems One of the main characteristics of humans is that they adapt their decision-making depending on their knowledge and tbesis of their environment The approach takes advantage of variation between heterogeneous farms under diverse environmental conditions to determine varietal performance under varying environmental conditions.

Final administrative requirements Action Responsibility deliver a zip file to the supervisor Student the table of contents of the zip is as follows: Gaming for active participation in local landscape planning Participatory gaming is an upcoming method increasingly being used for supporting and exploring collective decision-making processes in complex Hostile ground or valuable land?

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 10pp. This topic must be approved by the GRS internship supervisor before the internship can start. The methods extract much more information about environmental adaptation than conventional participatory methods and allow more farmers to engage with the technology testing process.


Mapping recreational activities in De Hoge Veluwe National Park using Flickr imagery and meta-data Ecosystems generate a large amount of value for human well-being.

Where the benefits of Cetacean habitat modelling in Wakatobi-Indonesia Coarse prediction of cetacean migratory routes and hotspots have been reported in Indonesia. Thessi variety management for climate adaptation supported by citizen science.

Public space in urban configuration – the greening factor The role of GIS analysis in landscape architecture and city planning is still rather limited compared with landscape planning.

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The online profile of a city Cities are complex and highly dynamic. Analyzing ranking and rating data from participatory on-farm trials.

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Earlier MGI thesis work has analysed data from participatory common bean variety trials in Nicaragua, Central America. Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email.

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Foreign thesia wishing an internship in the Netherlands must take into account that a strict application protocol must be followed. Larger areas can be scanned in Courses Internship Thesis Links. Agent-based modelling to explore crowdedness on the channels of Amsterdam Amsterdam has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination.

Linking UAV and satellite imagery with forest ground measurements from the Peruvian Amazon Typical forest ground measurements only sample small areas, whilst forest management decisions require precise information of the resources at local Intake Action Responsibility general theais about MGI-thesis procedure Thesis coordinator, Student check for basic requirements and study progress Thesis coordinator, Student.