I did not have to be the class dummy anymore. After the party, as Baxter drove seven of his friends to a fast-food restaurant, his Chevy Blazer went off the road, crashed, and killed four passengers: You will select and organize the methods you wish to include in your paragraph after accumulating as many ideas as you can. After you develop your supporting paragraphs, add a concluding paragraph in which you round off your paper by providing a final thought or two. Not ugly, mind you.

I came to think of my instructors as my partners, working together with me to achieve my goals. Vingo might have been a sea captain. That was a good feeling. From my chance encounter with Vingo, I learned three important lessons about life. She has also reached out to encourage others who share her disability. Based on the passage below, we can infer that a.

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thesis of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

Include a description of petee own thoughts and actions regarding the student who was bullied. The girl tells the others and they all watch in suspense to see whether there will be a yellow handkerchief. By the middle of sixth grade, he has moved to the eibbon of his class.

Which sentence best expresses the main idea of the following paragraph? Perhaps it was a neighborhood animal that you often observed. Conclude by telling what finally happened. Marvel was angry that the teachers no longer called on her to read in class.


thesis of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

Conclude your paragraph by telling how, if at all, your view of the event has changed now that you are older. Why do you think Gregory included both the classroom story rbbon the restaurant story in his essay?

Write a paragraph about a personal conversation you have had with a stranger. Why do you think she stayed silent? Although she was clearly far behind htesis classmates in reading during her school years, somehow she always got promoted from grade to grade and earned her high-school diploma. And the third is to be kind. How did you feel toward that person? Broderick realizes that his choice of life over death was the right one. We can infer from the passage below byy a.

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He was a paperhanger. After the surgery, Broderick and his wife take the cat home, where it quickly adjusts to its new surroundings. Prison sentences can ruin marriages. When Chris challenged Logan to support his friend, Logan lete that he had ever been friends gy George. What lessons, if any, did you learn from the experience? I was so proud one time when my husband asked me to read a manual to him while he worked on my car.


What is an implied thesis for the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

I was fourteen and in the eighth grade. Is there anyone else that you think shares blame for the accident? Vocabulary and Comprehension What is an implied thesis – Tuesis. When the young girl asks what he was in prison for, Vingo answers that a. Dick Gregory had a long-standing crush on a girl named Helene Tucker.


Simply jot down as many ways as you can think of. Read the Text Version. In what ways are the two incidents similar? We can infer that the young people were going to Florida a.

How can adults find time to read more? He looked away and fidgeted with the papers on his desk. Or should she have been made to stay at a lower grade until her reading and writing skills got better?