You will need to un-check the “autostart” mark of the Video object vidoe object is used to insert audio too and then define an action on some event that fits the case for example on the slide’s afterdisplay event choose METHOD yourvideoobject, PLAY. Free 14 days trial, tutorials, examples are available from site: Please be aware that vendors can edit entries on this wiki page. The Pro version allows you to import and edit audio, import video, and create quizzes and surveys. For the solution to this issue, see https: More information can be found at http: It seems close to Articulate Presenter in terms of functionality but at considerably less cost.

Quiz, Examn, Adaptive Learning templates and the simple course template. With the complete suite of products from Articulate, you’ll be able to quickly create e-learning courses from PowerPoint and develop interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and surveys. Microsoft’s page for LCDS updated to 2. Claro’s web based collaborative content creation tool can be accessed by authors using Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari on any platform. STT Trainer from Kaplan IT Learning is a complete solution for creating software simulations, electronic user performance support, and documentation to train employees on critical web-, windows, and java-based business software. Adobe’s Captivate software allows you to create fully functioning interactive lessons with quizzes, scoring, and integration via SCORM with Moodle. Gradient Box and all AutoShapes.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

A ribbon menu, slide-level call-outs, attachments and links, custom tabs and one-click publishing are just some of the unique features of Coral Presenter.

Easygenerator comes with multiple question types to help create the most engaging courses: Easygenerator has a free and a paid leearning. QuizForce is a MS Windows program that provides a comprehensive but easy-to-use set of tools for creating highly customized Flash-based quizzes and surveys for non-programmers.


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Composica is a social e-learning authoring system that offers real-time collaboration among team members and provides a powerful programming- free WYSIWYG environment to create and deliver high-quality interactive e-learning content with embedded social media. Also doesn’t seem to like working in Opera. ViewletBuilder Enterprise includes ViewletQuiz, for creating interactive assessments and surveys.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

Another issue is with FireFox browsers displaying graphics with Thexis. TutorPro’s TutorAuthor NG is a professional software application for quickly creating interactive lessons, training, demonstrations, and simulations. Using easygenerator ensures your developed courses will be optimized for any device: There are some problems with Moodle configuration see http: Learners and reviewers are able to use any browser or tablet device to access content.

Get your Free Lectora Online thesie here: Free Lectora Online enables a single author to create some very cool learning modules!

See Claro’s full feature list.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

Gradient Box and all AutoShapes. You can create anything from a simple slide show, to a complete branching software simulation or evaluation, all delivered via Flash without learning any code.

THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning 3.5 free download,free THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning 3.5 download

Feb current version is 2. Easygenerator has a free edition but it is not open source. Professional also features PurePage. Free software for creating elearning courses with flash interactivity. QuizCreator is a powerful Flash quiz maker that learnong trainers and educators to easily create SCORM compliant Flash quizzes with images, sounds, narrations and Flash animations to engage learners through the learning process and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting toolkit.


Navigation Main page Table of contents Recent changes Docs overview. Use PowerPoint to its fullest advantage as iSpring features:. Some overly detailed instructions available here: To publish a SCORM package you do need a paid account, but the free version lets you build plenty of cool things for your Moodle courses and you can experiment with Lectora’s powerful features.

Start your free day trial. The application is equally at home creating ‘soft-skill’ tutorials such as new employee introductions, company policy, in fact anything that csorm be taught electronically. Quiz, Examn, Adaptive Learning templates and the simple course template. PowerQuizPoint PowerPoint Quiz Maker provides options like insert your questions with up to 4 choices per Questions, Separate slides for correct and incorrect answers and Question Bank facility.

One problem with Reload is that it sometimes places the imsmanifest file 2 directories deep in the published SCORM package.

Lectora Inspire makes online course development fast and simple. If you present content to non-IE users, do not use this authoring package.

With the complete suite of products from Articulate, you’ll be able to quickly create e-learning courses from PowerPoint and develop interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and surveys. Being perfectly integrated with PowerPoint, iSpring Suite preserves the PowerPoint effects you use to create effective presentations.

It’s mainly used to create desktop tutorials and Web-based presentation for distance learning and training.