Mentor’s Chair First Name. Mentor submits letter to BSTI udayton. Is there a discussion of progress made to date? Your primary goal is finding an Honors thesis mentor and agreeing on a shared research interest. A student will receive “IP” In Progress grades on all thesis credit hours until the thesis is completed. Mentors Faculty mentor letter of recommendation and support should be: What if I want to do my thesis in a discipline other than my own?

Oversees the project from its inception Decides what threshold the student must meet Provides feedback until the project is completed Provides interim progress reports to the UHP Grades the completed project noting that a grade of “B” or better on the six credit hours associated with the project is necessary to complete the Honor Program diploma option Exceptions: Welcome to the UHP. Honors Thesis Project Completion of an Honors thesis is a requirement for graduating with one of the following two diploma options: November 15 December graduates only To graduate with an Honors Program diploma submit a digital copy of all Word documents of the student’s thesis to the University Honors Program Office Coordinator. This standardization will increase the professional appeal of the final publications, as well as give the group of theses each year a library-quality standard. Thesis credit hours may or may not apply towards fulfilling major degree requirements. Exceptions Additional Advisor as Advisor of Contact:

Be available to provide thesis mentorship throughout the week summer program. Thesis Proposal Sample 1: Guidelines for Preparing an Honors Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application The Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application is a requirement of those thesiz a thesis and is due late in the first semester in which a student registers for thesis credits.


Honors Thesis FAQs : University of Dayton, Ohio

In the case of the former, you need to get out and start talking to faculty. To read the abstracts of the presentations, click here: When the thesis is finished, the “IP” grades will be changed to appropriate letter grades. Your Honors thesis mentor will likely present pieces of on-going projects as potential topics for you to address. The best thesis is a finished thesis.

Thesis Intent Document : University of Dayton, Ohio

Please read the following guidelines closely, and submit any questions to the Associate Director of Research of the UHP. Udahton if I am interested in a cross-disciplinary topic?

udayton thesis proposal

The important process milestones ydayton completing an Honors thesis are as follows see the Timeline for specific dates:. Or, do you need firm deadlines and a mentor who holds you accountable? Research varies widely by individual and discipline. The Honors thesis mentor performs the following roles:. Thesis Proposal Sample 2: Speak with your thesis mentor, though, as many of these disciplines also produce excellent scholarship independent of the use of questionnaires.

udayton thesis proposal

Biology Thesis Proposal Sample 2: Evaluation Guidelines The student can expect a proposal evaluator to consider this list of questions. Do your best to make it peoposal by someone outside of your field of study. What is the role of the department chair?


Welcome to the UHP. If graduate or professional school is in the works, the thesis should be your focus. Honors Program Evaluation Guidelines.

Honors Thesis FAQs

A thesis can be fun! Thesis students conducting their research on campus over the summer are eligible for a Thesis Summer Housing Fellowship to assist proopsal summer housing fees. Please complete the following information and submit by November While questionnaires are commonly used, they are often not well designed. There will be days when you love your Honors thesis mentor. Is there an appreciation or discussion of the accomplishments of others supported with references in theeis Bibliography VI?

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theais For example, a thesis mentor could be a UD staff member; an expert from another college, university or research lab; or a mentor from a community or service organization.

Should your proposal be exceptional and meet the requirements of the Palermo Founders Fund, additional support may be available. Mark off deadlines in pen including the proposal submission date, gathering data, analyzing data, writing literature review, etc.

Thesis Proposal Sample 6: A good heuristic is this: Your primary goal is moving forward on your thesis research. Thesis Credit Information Thesis credit hours may or may not apply towards fulfilling major degree requirements. Advisor of Contact First Name.