Not only does it teach necessary things about life, but the characters are very likeable and the plot is so intense that it is hard to put it down. Don’t have an account? The characters are born Littlies, grow into Uglies, operated on to become Pretties, operated on again to become Middle Pretties and then die as Crumblies. The big eyes and lips said: Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

We will write a custom essay on Uglies: Haven’t found the Essay You Want? Though people say Tally gave herself up to be pretty and be a subject for the cure, she really doesn’t. Pretty Town are considered to be Pretty. Thank you Scott, for writing such a wonderful novel.

Offering more than one aspect uglirs the reader to grow from, Uglies is the perfect book to have on the fiction reading list. In other words I think uglies is a good book to read and think other people should read it aswell.

uglies scott westerfeld essay

How About Make It Original? Tally is forced by the authorities, or as they call them in this book, Specials, to follow and betray her friend.

Your parents, your teachers, and everyone else over the age of sixteen. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Wrong email address or password! The Uglies are taught to see themselves as Ugly and inferior to a Pretty. And no matter how you felt about a pretty, there was a part of you that thought: Add a personal note.


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uglies scott westerfeld essay

Westerfield perfectly portrays how scottt, as a society, see beauty. Let us create the best one for you! Somewhere in the backs of their minds, people were always looking for these markers. Scott Westerfeld also included how the Uglies perceive the Pretties, when Tally sees her old Ugly friend Peris, as a Pretty for the first time.

You should always be your own person, no matter how “Ugly” or “Unpopular” It makes you.

Uglies Essay

We will write a custom essay on Uglies: Shay is actually the character most favored by the reader, because she is already aware of the dangers of the operation. What you do and what you think is what makes you beautiful.

If wwesterfeld need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Beauty it seems has to always be hard to achieve, or else there would be no one to compete with. Let me help you. When picking up any magazine the front page is bound to be altered to show us how we should look.

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Actions Add gulies Community Report Abuse. Laughs from new Pretties partying, and fireworks blazing in the air are heard and seen from Uglyville. Trapped in a world full of unrealistic beauty portrayed by televisions and magazines, young girls and boys have no idea how to feel about the way they look, much like Tally.


Tally is an Ugly, and where she lives in Uglyville, everyone is considered Ugly.

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I also hated the romance, I am a teen girl, and it was sweet, but also disgusting. Specials and Tally specifically for you. The big eyes and lips said: Thank you Scott, for writing such a wonderful novel. All Tally ever wanted was to be Pretty, and this is what drives her to betray her friend and The Smoke. Beauty does not stay the same over the years; it changes from generation to generation. At the beginning of the text the reader is led to believe that Pretties have the idealistic life; beautiful with ugkies a care in the world but the reader may feel discomfort with how superficial it all seems.

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