Professor David Ayre Co-supervisor: By increasing yields, using environmentally sensitive methods, the efficiency and production potential of culture systems increases. Bryophyte species composition over moisture gradients in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica: Sensitivity of subantarctic marine invertebrates to metals under a changing climate. Dr Phil Byrne Email:

My project will determine the sensitivities of a range of subantarctic marine invertebrates to metal contamination. Biodiversity, 13 , However very little is known about how the temperatures needed to break dormancy vary between and within sites, and what possible causes of any variation may exist. This project will investigate the ecological, social and life history factors at the root of this decision in a model group of coral-reef associated fishes. Due to slow metabolisms and long life history stages, cold water species are likely to be more sensitive to contamination.

One of the most astonishing facets of animal societies is the decision of individuals to join a group as a non-breeding subordinate member.

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Professor David Ayre Email: Linking Art and the Environment: This thesis explores the possibility of using stable isotopes in long shoots of moss as an integrated proxy measure of past water regimes in polar regions, with the aim of reconstructing changes in bio-accessible water to a high resolution.

Integrating transient heterogeneity of non-photochemical quenching in shade-grown heterobaric leaves of avocado Persea americana L. trscker

This model can serve as a tool for predicting the impacts of climate change and provide insight into management options for preserving future biodiversity. Accepted pending minor revisions Physical Thesiss in a Changing Climate. This project, in partnership with Fisheries Victoria Department of Environment and Primary Industriesaims to assess the viability of using off shore culture systems and various seaweed and formulated feeds to farm abalone.


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Phyllospora comosa, an intertidal brown alga, provides important habitat for a wide variety of marine species, including invertebrates. This decision is intriguing as, on the face of it, one might expect an individual to maximise its genetic contribution trackeer breeding as soon as possible and as many times as possible for the duration of its life.

However very little is known about how the temperatures needed to break dormancy vary between and within sites, and what possible causes of any variation may exist. Spotlight Find out why it pays to stay connected with UOW after you graduate. Dominating the Antarctic environment: Phytoremediation of hydrocarbon contaminants in subantarctic soils: Competitive interaction among native plants: UOW has one of only three LIFT instruments in the world and in this project we will be examining how measurements with the LIFT instrument are affected by different crop species, leaf angle and canopy structure as well as using LIFT to measure how plants cope with sun-flecks in low light trackrr.

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Pattern and process in a threatened seagrass community: Searchable publications Link to more photos. Epub May Dr Marian Wong Email: PhD Graduate December Supervisor: Although relatively remote and untouched, the subantarctic and Antarctic have not escaped the impacts of contamination. Aquaculture is a growing industry that provides an alternative source of seafood to wild caught upw.


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Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration, 37 Australian Journal of Botany. Plant species with physical dormancy occur in many different vegetation types and are particularly common in disturbance-prone areas.

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My research combines the fields of behavioural ecology and conservation biology to explore how interspecies interactions between the Eastern Mosquito fish, Gambusia holbrooki and native freshwater fish are mediated by environmental variables via a combination of laboratory and field experiments.

This data tbesis feed into predictive models which look at how climatic change and changes to fire regimes may impact the species germination response and subsequent persistence.

Journal of Applied Phycology 25 3 p. Response of the hairy mussel Trichomya hirsuta to sediment-metal contamination in the presence of a bioturbator.

Whilst CBPs are having success with tbesis of animals, there are induced changes in the morphology, physiology and behaviour of animals resulting in low survivorship and poor success in reintroductions.

Dr Phil Byrne Email: Associate Professor Todd Minchinton Email: Genetic differentiation in the barnacle Catomerus polymerus despite migration across a biogeographic barrier.

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The relative importance of genetic diversity and phenotypic variation as determinants of germination in physically dormant species in the face of climate change.