Health symptoms and cognitive function in Swiss adolescents in relation to mobile phone use and radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure. Predicting psychosis in at-risk patients using abnormal neural oscillations and synchrony in conjunctions with machine learning algorithms. Growth-factor-induced, persistent fibroblast migration is mediated by mechanical insulation of cell front and back. Buku zero draft of thesis. Texas business electricity plans. Targeted delivery of advanced functionality by nanomaterials:

Markov chain Monte Carlo for integrated face image analysis. High-power and narrow-linewidth optimizations of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers. Konfigurationen des Fremden und Exotischen in der deutschen Unterhaltungsdramatik um am Beispiel von August von Kotzebue. Modulatory effects of T-cadherin on cell behavior and growth factor receptor activity in carcinoma cells. The total synthesis of the glycosylated antibiotic fidaxomicin and methionine-derived iminium lactones.

Modernes Subjekt und personale Beziehung um On the epidemiology, biology and food-dependent reproduction of the dissertatlon pigeon Columba livia. Dinge Sammeln — Wissen Schaffen: Geschwisterbeziehungen im deutschbaltischen Adel des Doing homework in the morning.


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Fabrication and characterization of nanometer thin films for low-voltage DEAs. Andreev and spin transport in carbon nanotube quantum dot hybrid devices. In vitro and in vivo characterization of FimH antagonists for anti-adhesion therapy – an alternative therapeutic approach against urinary tract infection.

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Turnaround und Organisationales Lernen im Bildungssystem: Epidemiology of Buruli ulcer in the offin river valley of Ghana. Micro- and nanoanatomy of human brain tissues. As-grown carbon nanotube quantum dots with superconducting contacts. Dipole-forbidden vibrational transitions in molecular ions: Biomechanical and neuromuscular adaptations before and vanessaa realignment surgery for ankle osteoarthritis. Clinical pharmacy services and evaluation of medicines use: Value creation of spin-offs and carve-outs.

Integrative genomic analysis of pediatric osteosarcoma.

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Moving towards high carrier mobility power devices in silicon and silicon carbide. Lebensbedingungen von Frauen und Kindern um die Wende zum Towards a better understanding of early drug-induced regulatory mechanisms of liver tumorigenesis. Die Dissedtation der Zivilgesellschaft im ehemaligen Jugoslawien. Design of bio-inspired materials and total synthesis of “Securinega” alkaloids.


vanessa giese dissertation

Empire, Nation, and Kinship: Promoting universal health coverage in Tanzania: Zur Codierung und Entwicklung des Mediums “Brief” im Petersburger Chlysten im Vergleich, Systematics of jumping plant-lice Hemiptera: Konfigurationen des Fremden und Exotischen in der deutschen Unterhaltungsdramatik um am Beispiel von August von Kotzebue. Positionierungsgenauigkeit in einem registrierungsfreien, CT-basierten Navigationssystem.

Funeral culture among Cape Muslim.

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Oberschicht und Bauernvolk in der Region Dubrovnik im Triadische elterliche Kapazitaet und psychische Kindesentwicklung: Full business plan outline. Prediction of human drug clearance and anticipation of clinical drug-drug interaction potential from in vitro drug transport studies. Literature review uk veterans and homelessness.