Real advice from real students. The first question asks you to write about your Engineering interests and goals, and the second question asks you to write about a book you particularly enjoyed. Your responses can help your admission chances, especially if you’re near the lower end of the admission range for your program. This area has many possibilities as to what you could put down. When we make our admissions decisions, we look at other factors in addition to grades. What is the Admission Information Form? Can one section be in past and other be in present?

The process A team of readers from the School of Accounting and Finance reviews submissions. As the website states, your teacher does not have to do anything at this time, but may be contacted by admissions personnel to provide a reference. Information from the forms is used to make scholarship decisions for over scholarships across campus. Special circumstances You can share any personal, medical, financial, circumstances that may have affected your grades. We prefer that you not repeat courses, but we consider reasons why it was necessary to repeat a course, paying particular attention to exceptional or extenuating circumstances. There are many advantages to using this group; they understand high school students and they have a passion for math. If you repeat a required course or take a course outside of your regular day school, you may jeopardize your chances of being admitted to the Faculty of Mathematics.

How to Write a Great AIF

All the best in your university applications grade 12s! It’s not like Mac’s supplementary, where it’s your only ticket into Waterloo. At this stage, there is no right or wrong approach to this except to note that any type of evaluation conducted should be consistent and thorough.


In an age where applicants all have excellent grades, writing a great AIF is the best way to differentiate yourself. Applicants Admitted students International students Transfer students Guidance counsellors.

waterloo aif essay

Like during first year in engineering, are there any scholarships for like second year which we can apply to. Do they do random checks in the fall term as well? I believe that pursuing a degree in Civil Engineer at Waterloo is a vital choice in facilitating academic and personal growth, both during university and in the work force.

Make sure to include any special programs. Was it purchased or plagiarised from somewhere? Then tell them you do all that.

What have you done outside of school? You should take all your courses in regular day school and do well in your first attempt. So do you think I can put one of my volunteering as waterlloo of the EC? Tighten up the words a bit as you switch between the future, past and present tense a fair amount.

waterloo aif essay

These include leadership, initiative, time management very key for the eng lifepeople skills, etc. Tell the university how great you are. Waterloo provides a superior cooperative education program that will not only allow me to apply theories learned in a reputable environment to tasks in the work force, but will also open up many pathways in my future.

Marks are not everything. Thanks in Advance, professor, and thanks also for dedicating your time for students like us. If you haven’t had a job before, how can you demonstrate your employability? Or even just an influence from a role model in your life.


This includes school teams like robotics teams, coding teams, etc. Why should I submit an Wzterloo if it’s not required? Please enter your email address.

Notify me of new posts via email. Got a question about student life? Remember that time when we went skating together… Good times.

waterloo aif essay

A team of readers, consisting mainly of retired high school math teachers, scores most of the submissions. You have up to 1, characters across 2 sections to make your case. Mine felt badly structured too, because of the character limit.

How to Write a Great AIF · Bo Peng

If you still have a summer left grade 11 or lowerI highly suggest not taking anything other than English in summer waetrloo if you really must take something!! Scholarships Information from the forms is used to make scholarship decisions for over scholarships across campus. Real advice from real students. Lastly, you have to convince them that you have a desire to grow.

Keep in mind that the University of Waterloo ranks number one in producing the Leaders of Tomorrow. Pretend you receive a Christmas card from someone.