Zespri is a conglomerate of growers in New Zealand and inherently reflects the livelihood and well being of the farmers. Zespri Group limited is currently in their maturity stage. This being said, Zespri possesses a legal advantage in quality and product uniqueness that sets it apart from the industry. And indeed, as embodied by Nigeria’s status as a net food importer despite having 80 million hectares of potential agricultural land, the challenges are considerable. Since they work closely with retail customers they are able to obtain the long lead-time needed in order to satisfy customer demands. In order to compete Zespri and its competitors must be able to differentiate their product by having a unique advantage. Weather obviously plays a crucial role in production but the main factor in question is the sustainability of the production land.

Zespri is consistently experiencing steady growth, and increased competition. After conducting this model it should be evident what the profit drivers are. These were then cultivated by a horticulturist. In continuing both of these activities, the Zespri brand will proceed to flourish in the market. A large increase in crop volume meant that the overseas importers and retailers could put pressure on the industry to drive the prices right down, and in doing so, diminish the returns. They must invest largely in educating the consumer on the benefits of their kiwifruit in relation to that of their competitors.

Unfortunately, the kiwifruit is not inimitable. Since they have established numerous ztudy in a wide array of locations and in staggered seasons they can continue to operate with no real short-term changes.

zespri kiwi case study

Zespri has high growing standards but due to the ideal climate to grow kiwifruit in New Zealand there are a lot of suppliers, which means supplier power is low. Services are another very important primary activity that adds value through customer support.

Competition continues to grow for the kiwifruit industry making it increasingly difficult to gain shelf space in grocery stores. Luckily both supplier power stidy the threat of new entrants is quite low so at the moment these are not a concern.


Since buyer power is high for this niche fruit satisfying the consumer is the top priority zeapri obtaining profitability. Zespri Group limited is currently in their maturity stage. As referenced earlier, the unique product offerings, the premium product offering, and the niche market they are in can be highly exploitable caze this competitive if done properly.

But because kiwifruit is a niche market you must satisfy the buyer in order for them to pay more then the minimum, which means that buyer power is quite high. Growers were issued shares in the company based on their individual production and as their total output directly correlates with their standard of living. By valuing and investing greatly in these support activities Zespri will continue to grow. Innovation in studyy industry regarding the growing of the fruit is more or less minimal with the exception of purchasing new field equipment.

When asked why, 55 percent said they thought cutting fruit required too much effort. In doing so, Zespri will be able to conduct market research on all levels of operations ranging from product assortment, marketing research, technological advancements, and supply chain stidy.

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AlvarezForest L. A large increase in crop volume meant that the overseas importers and retailers could put pressure on the industry to drive the prices right down, and in doing so, diminish the returns. Another advantage that Zespri has, is fase they are solely invested in the production and distribution of kiwifruit, whereas the competition generally works with a variety of different products.

zespri kiwi case study

Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! The Hayward variety is now the most commonly globally-grown kiwifruit. In66 percent of Chinese consumers preferred drinking juice kii cutting fruit.

Case study 3: Zespri

By doing this Zespri ensures future success due to being able to have proactive growing practices as well as being able to continue to differentiate their product from other substitutions by educating the consumer on the added benefits of kiwifruits.


Another last-resort option for Zespri is to issue and sell more shares to growers outside of New Zealand. Zespri has many primary and support activities that add value to the company. The logistics system they are currently using is working, however if they are to expand into providing a month supply of kiwifruit, then they will need to expand their supply chain.

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During the short-run, Zespri will be able to take available capital and invest these funds into various mediums of advertisements. Zespri Case Analysis send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Cite View Details Educators Related. Their name brand allows them to set prices, rather than take them, and the brand creates value for the firm. They also have in the works a red version of the fruit which indicates they have created a technological barrier for its competition to create unique products.

Augen Etudy study 5: If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Since grocery retailers generally stock many different varieties of fruit, kiwifruit is only one of many fruits fighting for space. During the campaign period, Zespri ran ads across subways in Shanghai and Beijing, featuring the collaboration between Zespri and Fruit Ninja.

In doing so, this will create an added interest of the companies success long-term for the farmers and will act as an added zesori of capital to the company.